Get Well Prayer Chain

The person named here ask for your prayer as they recover from illness.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Get Well prayer chain for 90 days.

Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

November 2018

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Abby Cap
Adoracion V
Adrian Ricardo S
AH Khiong, Kong, F Yun
Alex A
Amana Per
Amanda P
Amber T
Andrea W
Andrew C
Angel Marie K
Angela P
Ann G
Ann S
Anna F
Anna H
Anna Moira L
Anne T
Annlouise D
Antonia M
Arlene Woodward
Aubrey C
Aubrey C
Baby Riley
Barbara K
Barbara R
Berniece P
Betty B
Betty C
Betty H
BettyAnn S
Bill K
Bill U
Bob B
Bob S
Bob Z
Bobby N
Bonnie s
Brad B
Brad S
Brad S
Braden C
Brandy H
Bree V
Brian Lee W
Brian W
Brian W
Brian W family
C Kids & Family
Candice D
Capriotti Families
Carm B
Carol S
Carolyn L
Cassidy W, Hatch, Rudy M
Cathy H
Cathy Mc
Cecelia L
Charlie U
Christiana W
Christine P
Christine P
Christopher S
Christy R
Cinthia Ceja
Clyde P Jr
Colleen C
Colleen S
Consuelo M
Dail M
Dan B
Dan D
Dana G
Dana J
Dave F
Dave M
Dave M
DeAnna E
Deborah B
Delores R
Dennis S
Diana T
Dolores M
Don H
Don J
Donald C
Donna A
Donna Marie S
Doris B
Dorothy S
Edward V
Eileen W
Elizabeth Q
Elizabeth V
Ellen V
Elpidio V Jr
Esmeralda M
Ester & Pedro
Father & Son A
Fatima M
Fr Brian H
Frank B
Frank G
Frank G
Frank G
Gabriel J
Gabrielle J

Gail P
George E
Gerry S
Gloria J
Gloria K
Gloria K
Greg W
Helena S
Higinio D
Hilda R M
Hiroko M
Hiromi M
Hoang Anh Thi Tran
Hortencia C
Ike G
Indonesia plane crash victims
Jack K
Jacqueline P
James B
James C
James C
James L
Jane C
Janet C
Janet Kibe and family
Janet Marei Kibe and family
Janis & Romeo S
Jean and Richard L
Jean C
Jennifer F
Jennifer F
Jeremy W
Jerry A
Jesse L
Jesus T
Jesus T
Joan C.
Jo-Ann G
Joanne K
Jodee K
John B
John C Jr
John C Sr
John D
John J
John S
John T
Johnny J
José Imos
Jose M
Joseph E
Joseph I
Joseph I
Joseph S
Josephine M
Judy W
Julio C
Justin W
Justine C
Justine P
Karen Sch
Kat A
Kate V
Kathy T
Ken M
Ken S
Kevin B
Kevin M
Kevin Q
Kevin Q
Kim H
Kim Lou Nich Louis R
Kim Lou Nich Louis R
Kim T
Kim T family
Kristen D
Landon C
Laura C
LaVon R
Lea C
Lee E
Leticia M
Lillian Maureen S
Lina K
Lincoln L
Linda B
Lindsey H
Lisa I
Lisa S
Lisa T
Lisa V
Lois R
Lou P
Louise A
Louise S
Lovely T
Lucita M
Lucy M
M/Ms John S
Madeleine V
Magliocco family
Marcella E
Marg W
Maria D
Maria P

Marie J S
Marie V
Mark B
Mark N
Mary C
Mary L
Mary T
MaryAnn B
Masakazu A, MD
Maureen Suzette Choy S
Maurice C
Michael B
Michael E
Michele M
Michelle M
Michelle S
Migdalia D
Mr T
Mrs Bishop
Nancy B
Nancy Cap
Nancy S
Nancy S A
Natalia R
Nathan R
Nazima K
Nolan S
Olga I
Papa Roy
Pat H
Pat N
Paul C
Peggy V
Peter L
R Martel
Ralph S
Randy W
Raymond Michael B S
Raymond Michael B S
Ricardo C
Richard T
Richard T
Rick P
Riselis M
Rita M
Robert Adrian S
Robert B
Robert DD
Robert G
Robert J
Robert L K R, MA
Robert Z
Robin B
Robin M
Romualdo C V
Ron G
Rosemarie L
Rosemarie S
Rosie V
Rosie V
Ryan W
Sabrina H
Saviitri S
Sharon C
Sharon W
Shawn Q
Shawn Q
Shirley R
Socorro O
Stephen E
Steve B
Steve C
Steven M
Subie F
The Lanzoni Family
Theresa F
Thomas A
Thomas A
Thomas M
Thomas M
Thomas S
Thomas Smutek Jr
Tim B
Tim G
Timothy H
Tina R
Tina RI
Tom A
Tom F
Tom M
Tont M
Tony M
Tony Per
Trista P
Vickie S
Victoria C
Victoria C
Victoria J
Victoria J
Victoria J
Vincent M
Wayne P
William C
Wooden family
Woods and Anderson
Yamilee D

Updated 11/16/18