Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate - February Prayer Chain

Get _well _prayerGet Well Prayer Chain

The persons named here ask for your prayers as they recover from illness.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Get Well Prayer Chain for 90 days.

Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.







February 2017
Abby B
Albie Y
Alexander L
All people in need
Alma Brisa Molina B
Amber H
Ana M
Andrew M
Annie B
Annie C
Baby Mina
Baby Philip S
Baby Phillip S
Baby Riley
Barb W
Bradley James H
Carleen P
Carleen P
Carleen P
Carleen P
Carleen P
Carleen P
Carleen P
Carleen P
Carol A
Cathy H
Cecelia J
Charlene U
Charles O
Charlie G
Charlie U
Chase M Jenna Seme family
Christabel F
Cindi L
Colleen A
Colleen A
Colton T
Coral R
Cory H
Dan M
Darlene H
Darlene T cancer bad
Dave B
David Carlos F
David Carlos F
David Carlos F
David Eric
David M
David M
David M
Dawn S
Debbie K
Debbie K
Debbie K
Deborah A B
Debrah K
Denise G
Denise S
Denise S
Denise S
Denise S
Denise S
Dennis K
Diane S
Domenic G
Doris M
Douglas S
Elena T
Elizabeth K
Elpidio V Jr
Elsa M
Elsie M
Emma E
Emma G
Esperanza R
Evelyn B
For all people
For all people
Fredrick K
Gayle H
Gayle H
Gayle H
Gayle H
Gayle H
Gayle H
George P
Geraldine L
Gerard & Tonta M
Ginny F
Grace R
Grace R
Gregory M
Hardeep S
Hardeep S
Harold H
Heather M
Heidi V
Ing family
Isabel G
Jack C
Jan K
Jan M
Jane W
Jazz G
Jean H
Jennifer K
Jenny C
Jenny C
Joan F
Joan G
Joan G
Joan G
Joan G
Joan G
Joan G
Joan G
Joan G
Jo-Ann C
JoAnn H
Joann S
Joann S
Joanne Y
John B
Johnny L
Jorge G
Josephine D
Juan G
Juan R
Juanito G
Judi C
Karen D
Karen O
Kathleen V
Kathy P
Kay W
Kim R.Lou N Louis Jr
Kim S
Lawrence M
Lee M
Leo A
Lexi K
Lillian M
Linda W
Lisa K
Lorraine J
Louise R
Louise R
Lucy G
Lucy Ga
Lupita G
Madonna A
Mae I
Mae I
Manoel Pereira da C
Margaret D
Maria C Nunez G
Maria E 22
Marilu Emma G
Marilyn S
Marlene F
Martha C
Martin M
Martin P
Max M
Max Z
Michael M
Michael Mc
Michael P
Michael P
Michael S
Miguel Jose V
Morgan S
Moses M
Mr Tabor
Mr Tabor
Mr Tabor
Mr. Tabor
Nancy A
Nicole Brown S
Nina P
Nina R
Nina R
Norah Grace S
Olof P
Pablo C
Pat F
Patricia C
Patti S
Patti S
Paul Jr M
Paul S
Peter L
Philip R SR
Ralph P
Rhonda S
Richard P
Richelle J
Rick C
Robert B
Ron G
Roseann L
Samantha G
Samuel A S
Sandra S
Sandy B
Sandy H
Sarah G
Sarah M
Sean S
Shelly Y
Sherry S
Sikh Victims of Partition
Sister M P
Socorro O
Stacey H
Stephen Ellis G
Stephen F
Stephen H
Sudeep K
Sue Y
Sukhdeep's Father
Susan M
Sylvia R
Tammy C
Taylor M
The young man at UC L A
Timothy F
Tiziana C
Todd B
Tommy S
Tono P
Tony C
Tony P
Virginia P
Wally H
Walter L
William B
Yedda P
Yolanda Gallo F
Yolanda M
Yolly U
Updated 2/28/17