Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate - Our Lady of the Snows Novena


Healing Novena Prayers

July 28:
Living with Illness

There is not one among us who has not known physical pain sometime in our life. We all get sick with colds or the flu. However, many people face pain every waking moment of their days.

It does not matter whether our discomfort is temporary or chronic, it is difficult for us to see how anything good can come from it. For some, God offers healing that His name may be glorified. For others, though, God offers the opportunity to walk with His Son Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. We must turn our eyes toward the crucified Christ. He, too, asked that this cup might be taken from Him. Yet He wanted God’s will to be done even in the moment of His agony.

Just as Christ embraced the cross and led Dismas, one of the crucified thieves, to God, our own acceptance of the crosses in life can lead others to God. Let us pray for those who are faced with physical infirmities, that they may be healed in accordance with God’s will.

Prayer for Healing of Illness
God, You created us in Your goodness, I come to You seeking a return to physical wholeness for myself and those I love. It is difficult to give You praise when my body is in pain.

I pray, too, for all those who are suffering physical pain. Heal those in my family who are ill. Cure those afflicted with a terminal illness. Guide those in the healthcare professions that they may be wise and compassionate to those they treat. Grant steadfastness and courage to those whom You have called to accept their suffering for the redemption of the world.

Finally Lord, I pray for good health and freedom from all illness for myself and all Your people. Protect us and be with us each day, O Loving Father. I ask this through Christ my Savior. Amen.

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July 29:
Living through Caregiving Ols _kids

We have great admiration for people who care for the sick, the injured, the chronically ill, the disabled or the dying. Many have made this work their career. Many others – such as spouses, parents, adult children, other relatives and friends – have accepted the burden of caregiving out of love.

Caring for someone who is ill can be tiring, difficult work. It can also be very discouraging. We ask that God ease the minds of caregivers when they become worried. We ask God
to lighten their load, and give them much needed rest.

We always pray for the sick, and ask that God’s loving arms be wrapped around them. Let us take some time to also pray for the caregivers, so that they too know that they are in God’s loving embrace.

Prayer for Caregivers
Lord, help those who care for people who are ill, so that they can have true compassion as well as the skill in treatment. Help all of us to become more knowledgeable about chronic illnesses and more aware of the ways we can love and care for those who suffer.

With many days of struggle and pain ahead, it is easy to lose sight of the good in life and to be filled with feelings of anger, fear, depression and anxiety. Help our caregivers be reassured of Your eternal love. Amen.

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July 30:
Living through Divorce

Going through a divorce can feel like a large, dark hole in someone’s life, like a wound that will never heal. Places that were enjoyed together in happier times now bring sadness. Jokes and secrets that were once shared may now cause tension and stress.

Divorce can be a time of great conflict, when people are torn with feelings of relief and guilt, bitterness and love, acceptance and resistance. Often there is a feeling of failure, and loneliness.

We pray that those who experience divorce remember the love which brought them together, and that they continue to show each other kindness, respect and compassion. May they be mindful of the needs of their children, family and friends, all of whom also suffer when a marriage ends. For those who are in a relationship that is irretrievably broken, we ask that God help them accept that fact, mourn the loss and then move ahead with new life.

Prayer for Those Living with Divorce
Lord, God, when the love that once existed between spouses dies, it is like the death of a beloved person. Regardless of which spouse initiates the break, it is always a painful experience that leaves behind an unpleasant aftertaste of failure. The feelings of joy and hope that surrounded vows of lifelong commitment seem to have belonged to someone else, in another place and time.

If reconciliation is not possible, grant those going through divorce the ability to forgive one another for the hurts each has received. Guide them to avoid harboring thoughts of anger and revenge. Help them to heal and learn from their painful situation. May they seek to know Your will regarding the new life You would have them follow. Amen.

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July 31:

Living with Uncertainty

At times we may feel like we have no idea where we are going. We do not see the road ahead of us, and we don’t know for certain where it will end. At times, we may question if we are actually doing the will of God.

Unemployment creates uncertainty in the lives of many people. When these people grow weary, we ask God to refresh them and give them stamina. When they become disillusioned or depressed, we ask God to give them hope.

During times of stress, we must remember to trust in God always. As Thomas Merton reminds us: “For though I may be lost – and in the shadow of death – I will not be afraid, because I know You will never leave me to face my troubles all alone.”

Prayer for Those Living with Uncertainty

Lord, Jesus Christ, I offer You today all my work, my hopes, my sorrows and joy. Grant me the grace to remain close to You today, to work with You and to do all that I do for Your honor and glory. Help me to love You with all my heart and to serve You with all my strength.

I pray, too, for all those who face stressful situations in their lives. Give them Your wisdom and discernment that they may find peace in knowing Your will and doing it. Instill in all of our hearts a thirst for daily prayer so that we may be refreshed and renewed in Your Father’s love. We make these requests as Your brothers and sisters, ever grateful for Your gift of salvation. Amen.

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August 1:
Living with Burdens

Anyone can be unhappy, angry or confused at one time or another. But for some, these normal, even healthy feelings can become something deeper and more painful. When sadness does not lift, or when anger persists, it colors our whole lives. Unable to deal with burdens can affect our relationships with loved ones and with God.

Excessive burdens, like physical infirmities, can reach the point where they are no longer a redemptive suffering, but only harmful. In the midst of these troubles we can find it hard to forgive, or to love. Such a pain is particularly troublesome because in that situation we may be unable to pray even for ourselves.

God has given us our lives to enjoy, our world to be happy in. Let us enjoy God’s gifts more, and cast away the things that hide the generosity He has shown us.

Prayer for Those with Burdens
We pray today, God for all who have burdens in their lives. Some suffer in silence, alone. Some feel ashamed and don’t know how to ask for help. Some lash out, and their pain affects those around them. Some despair, their hopelessness so deep that they hurt themselves.

Be with them, Lord. Open our eyes to their hurt, that we may treat them as You treated all the broken ones who come to You. Give them hope for another day. Amen.

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August 2:
Living with Grief

Death is something we all must face – the death of those we love and eventually our own death. It is never easy; sometimes it seems unbearable. Yet God has promised us a way to be reunited with those we love someday.

Although the pain of death never completely goes away, we must also recall all the blessings and love we have received from those we have loved in this life. The gift of friendship is a precious thing and something that helps shape who we are in this world. It is the way we come to know and experience God’s love for us.

Mary, too, knew the pain of losing those she loved. During her life she experienced the death of her husband Joseph and her only Son, Jesus. We can go to her in our prayers asking for comfort and strength in our own losses.

Prayer for Someone Living with Grief
Holy Spirit, You were given to the Apostles to be a source of strength and comfort in the loss they experienced in Jesus’ death. I come to You in need of the same consolation.

God, You have loved me in a special way through the relationship and friendship I have had. Now, in Your wisdom, You have called my loved one back to live eternally with You. The pain and loss I feel seems to surround me and leave me feeling empty and helpless.

I pray, too, Lord, for all those who suffer the pain of losing those they loved. Give them peace of mind in knowing that You have granted eternal rest to all those deceased members of their family. Comfort and guide those who are trying to cope with a recent death.

Strengthen those who will die today, granting them inner peace as they journey into Your Heavenly Kingdom. Remember also those who are caring for their loved ones as they near their death. May they be consoled in the knowledge that someday they will be rejoined in eternal life with You. We ask this through the intercession of Mary, our Mother, who held in her heart the pain of losing those she loved. Amen.

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August 3:
Living with Conflict

We all have struggle and conflict in our lives. It is unavoidable. However, Jesus taught us by His own life to trust in God for what we need. That seems so difficult as we labor through life, always trying to get ahead a little.

We ask God to help those who do not have the bare essentials in life. Ease their stress. Open doors for those who seek good employment opportunities. Grant assistance to those who are struggling to recover from financial crisis and natural disaster. May those who are elderly and retired find security for the rest of their days.

Let us pray for those who need healing from the conflict in their lives. May our generosity bring God’s healing and peace to our brothers and sisters in need.

Pray for Those Living with Conflict
Lord, my life seems in turmoil right now. I feel anxious and afraid as I search for ways to resolving this current conflict.

I try to remind myself of Your providence and Your love and caring for me and those dear to me. But the problems I face seem overwhelming and continue to worry me. There just doesn’t seem to be any quick or easy answer right now, and I sometimes wonder how my life will ever be on firm footing again.

Help me to accept my responsibility, yet not lose perspective on what is really important. Guide me to a gentle awareness of what I can do, and give me the courage and strength to do it. Amen.

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August 4:
Living with Distorted Self-Image

It is a new day! But when we are feeling lonely or depressed, it’s just another gray day. We expect the hours to unfold much like other recent days – uneventful and colorless, empty and without purpose.

With effort, we may go through the motions of doing what absolutely has to be done, but our heart isn’t in it. If we’re lonely, there is no joy in doing it alone; if we’re depressed, there is no joy in doing it at all.

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer that will work for everyone to improve their outlook on life. But each new day does bring us the possibility of change and opportunities to get “over the hump.” As we look for ways to see the sun once again, our faith can be of great help. God is with us, to bring us peace happiness and confidence.

Prayer for Those Living with Distorted Self-Image
Lord, be at my side when I wander in darkness. Sometimes my life seems to have no purpose, and I feel alone and lost. Help me to realize that, as bad as I may feel at this moment, this day, and each day, is a gift from You, with possibility for change and the potential for happiness, peace and a greater good.

Bring me to an awareness of what I must do to relieve my suffering. Though I may not understand the reasons, grant me the courage and strength to do what must be done. I look to You always as my source of light, happiness and peace. Amen.

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August 5:
Moving Forward in Hope and Joy

Throughout our lives, we turn to the Lord with many problems and we receive many blessings in return. When we are in the midst of turmoil and anxiety, it is sometimes difficult for us to remember the healing that has taken place at other times over the years. It is good to reflect on our lives, and give thanks for all the times the Lord has been there.

Each of us could paint a unique picture of the blessings we have received. Fond memories of a healthy childhood, the love of a faithful spouse, a home filled with laughter. Our blessings abound and so should our thankfulness to God Who has provided them.

Ours is a God of Resurrection, and no life is untouched by His blessings. These blessings may be the peace that comes in the midst of a stressful situation, the caring action of someone at a time when we need to know we are loved or the smile of a passerby wishing us a good day. In these and many other ways, God is reaching out to us with His love and healing.

Prayer to Move Forward in Hope and Joy
Heavenly Father, You have created me and walked with me throughout my entire life. Some days it is very easy to see Your presence and know Your love. Other days I must search to find the more subtle signs of Your love and presence in my life. Open my eyes to Your marvelous gifts and lead me to give You thanks and praise always.

Jesus, my Savior and Brother, thank You for showing me how much I am loved. You carry my Cross with me each day, ever ready to bring me Your Father’s peace.

Holy Spirit, fill me, with thankfulness for all God puts in my life. Give me the eyes that can see all the blessings I receive each dayand a heart that never ceases to marvel at God’s wonder.

Send me your prayers and intentions to be included in the novena.

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