Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate - Our Lady of the Snows Novena


Healing Novena Prayers

July 30:
Prayer for Mercy within Grief and Loss

Holy Spirit, You were given to the Apostles to be a source of strength and comfort in the loss they experienced in Jesus’ death.  I come to You in need of that same consolation.

    God, You have loved me in a special way through the relationships and friendships I have had.  Now, in Your wisdom, You have called my loved one back to live eternally with You.  The pain and loss I feel seems to surround me and leave me feeling empty and helpless.

    I pray, too, Lord, for all those who suffer the pain of losing those they loved.  Give them peace of mind in knowing that You have granted eternal rest to all those deceased members of their family.

    Strengthen those who will die today, granting them inner peace as they journey into Your Heavenly Kingdom.  May they be consoled in the knowledge that someday they will be rejoined in eternal life with You.  We ask this through the intercession of Mary, our Mother, who held in her heart the pain of losing those she loved.  Amen.

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July 31:
Prayer for Mercy of Others Ols _kids

Jesus, You showed us how to respect the dignity of all people; yet You suffered indignity and violence as You died on the cross for our salvation.  Help me to forgive those who have been abusive and disrespectful to me throughout my life.

    I pray, too, for all those who find themselves in situations where they are neglected or abused by others.  Grant freedom to family members from the physical violence and emotional abuse they suffer.  Help us find ways to end all spousal abuse and disrespect.  Give protection to those in dangerous occupations who work to try to bring an end to the violence in our society.

    Finally, God my Father, I ask peace of mind for those who have endured abuse and disrespect of any kind.  May they find in Your love the comfort they need and come to know their own dignity as one of Your children.  Amen.

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August 1:
Prayer for Mercy within Transitions

Lord, You planned my very existence and my destiny.  You wrapped me in Your love in baptism and gave me the faith to lead me to an eternal life of happiness with You.  You have showered me with Your graces, and You have been always ready with Your mercy and forgiveness when I have fallen.

    Now I humbly ask for the light I so earnestly need as I begin a new stage of my life’s voyage.  May I seek first always to do Your will as devotedly as Your Blessed Mother did.  Give me the grace necessary to embrace all the aspects of this next stage of life with whatever joys or difficulties it may bring.  I offer myself to You now, trusting in Your wisdom and love to direct me in working out my salvation and in helping others to know and come close to You, so that I may find my reward in union with You for ever and ever.  Amen.

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August 2:

Prayer for Mercy within Families

Heavenly Father, I come to You with the needs of my family.  You have blessed us with Your love and given us many good things.  However, at times we have our crosses to bear.  It is difficult for us to always understand each other.  Help me and my family grow in our love for one another.

    I pray too, for all families.  Grant Your peace to those husbands and wives seeking reconciliation with each other.  Strengthen the relationships of parents, children, siblings, in-laws and all family members.  Comfort those who have lost their loved ones through death or separation.  Heal and sustain those who suffer the pain of divorce.  May we all experience the love and care You offer us as Your sons and daughters.  I ask this through the intercession of the Holy Family – Joseph, Mary and Jesus.  Amen.

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August 3:
Prayer for Mercy within Addiction and Recovery

Lord our God, the scourge of addiction affects so many in our society today.  We so easily become dependent on things that harm us physically, psychologically and spiritually.

    Help us to acknowledge the addictive behaviors that enslave us.  Give us the strength to manage our addictions one day at a time.  And, if we must, grant us the courage to seek professional help to restore freedom and balance to our lives.  Lord, we want to serve You and Your people in freedom.  Amen.

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August 4:
Prayer for Mercy within Fear and Anxiety

Jesus, You calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee, and Your apostles were amazed at Your power over the wind and rain.  You comforted Mary and Martha in their sadness at Lazarus’ death.  You called for the unclean spirits in people as You ministered each day in Judea.  You offered the gift of the Holy Spirit to your followers that they might no longer be afraid after Your death. 

    Send Your Holy Spirit to all those afflicted with emotional problems.  Inspire in all of us compassion for those living with mental disorders, especially those suffering from depression and anxiety.  Guide their doctors and nurses that they may see their work as a ministry of Your love.

    I pray, too, for all those who face stressful situations in their lives.  Give them your wisdom and discernment that they may find peace in knowing Your will and doing it.  Instill in all of our hearts a thirst for daily prayer so that we may be refreshed and renewed in Your Father’s love.  We make these requests as Your brothers and sisters, ever grateful for Your gift of salvation.  Amen.

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August 5:
Prayer for Mercy within Illness

God, You created us in Your goodness.  I come to You seeking a return to physical wholeness for myself and those I love.  It is difficult to give You praise when my body is in pain.

    I pray, too, for all those who are suffering physical pain.  Heal those in my family who are ill.  Cure those afflicted with a terminal illness.  Guide those in the healthcare professions that they may be wise and compassionate to those they treat.  Grant steadfastness and courage to those whom you have called to accept their suffering for the redemption of the world.

    Finally, Lord, I pray for good health and freedom from all illness for myself and all your people.  Protect us and be with us each day, O Loving Father.  I ask this through Christ my Savior.  Amen.

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August 6:
Prayer for Mercy of Forgiveness

Merciful God, I am sorry for all the things I have done to harm my relationships with family, friends and other people in my life.  I have acted out of anger, jealousy and self-righteousness.  I have gossiped and said things I shouldn’t have.  I have sometimes failed to give my support to those who were hurting. 

    I want to be kind, loving and compassionate, God, but I am weak and give in to temptation.  Please forgive my sins and strengthen me to resist the temptation to put myself first in a relationship.  Help me to remember that every relationship is a partnership that requires open communication and compromise.  Help me to bring Your love to the people in my life.  Amen.

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August 7:
Prayer for Thanksgiving for God's Mercy

Heavenly Father, You have created me and walked with me throughout my entire life.  Some days it is very easy to see Your presence and know Your love.  Other days I must search to find the more subtle signs of Your love and presence in my life.  Open my eyes to Your marvelous gifts and lead me to give You thanks and praise always.

Jesus, my Savior and Brother, thank You for showing me how much I am loved.  You carry my cross with me each day, ever ready to bring me Your Father’s peace.  Amen.

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