Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate - Our Lady of the Snows Novena


Healing Novena Prayers

July 28:
Finding Healing and Hope within Financial Stresses through the intercession of Our Lady of the Poor

Lord, at this time many of Your people are facing financial stresses unlike any we have ever known. Anxiety over finances can burden us to the point of despair, unless we remain focused on the things that really matter: the assurance of Your presence in our lives, the knowledge that our loved ones are a far greater treasure than material wealth, and the hope that we all, with Your help, will endure our present financial hardships. Lord, help me to place my trust not in my possessions but in You, the only lasting Source of my security. Amen.

July 29:
Finding Healing and Hope within Crises of Faith through the intercession of Our Lady, Help of ChristiansOls _kids

I pray to You, Lord, for those in search of You. I hunger and thirst for You; let me come to know that You are with me. I am aware of You, but at times I feel distant. I feel an emptiness that nothing else can fill. Draw me to You. Let me hear Your messengers who bring me the Good News of salvation. Open my heart to accept this love. Open my ears to hear Your word. Open my eyes to see You in the world. Let Your love fill my yearning. Let Your presence heal my wounds and give me hope. Amen.

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July 30:
Finding Healing and Hope within Fear and Anxiety through the intercession of Our Lady of Hope

I pray today, Lord, for the unhealthy fears and anxieties that plague me. I also pray for all those who suffer from emotional pain. Some suffer in silence, alone. Some feel ashamed and don’t know how to ask for help. Some lash out, and their pain affects those around them. Some despair, their hopelessness so deep that they hurt themselves. Be with each of us, Lord. Open our eyes to one another’s hurt, that we may treat each other as You treated the broken ones who came to You. Give us hope for another day. Amen.

July 31:

Finding Healing and Hope within Addictions through the intercession of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots

Lord our God, the scourge of addiction afflicts so many in our society today. We so easily become dependent on things that harm us physically, psychologically and spiritually. Help us to acknowledge the addictive behaviors that enslave us. Give us the strength to manage our addictions one day at a time. And, if we must, grant us the courage to seek professional help to restore freedom and balance to our lives. Lord, we want to serve You and Your people in freedom. Amen.

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August 1:
Finding Healing and Hope within Physical Illness through the intercession of Our Lady, Health of the Sick

Lord, I pray that I might be made whole again. I pray for health so I can walk freely upon Your earth, so I can breathe deeply of the air that sustains me, so I can see clearly the beauty of all creation. I pray for the soothing of my pains, less for my own comfort than for Your glory, that I might accomplish with my life good work in Your name. Yet if the suffering will not pass, grant me the courage to make peace with my afflictions, that I might seek always to serve You. Amen.

August 2:
Finding Healing and Hope within Grief through the intercession of Our Lady of Sorrows

Loving God, I mourn and grieve the loss of loved ones who have died. I long to hear their voices again. I feel alone without them, but I believe that I will see them once again. Heal my grief, my sadness and my loneliness. Thank You for the times I have shared with my loved ones and the many ways my life has been enriched by them. Let me keep in mind the joy with which these loved ones filled my life. Help me find the strength to continue to live faithfully, and to love selflessly all Your children who share in my earthly journey. Amen.

August 3:
Finding Healing and Hope within Prejudice through the intercession of Our Lady of Unity

Lord, in too many ways this world is far from the world You intended. The poor are victimized, discriminated against and ignored. I can know of injustices throughout the world, but often I choose not to know. In my heart I want to change what is wrong, but the task before me is monumental. Inspire us to fill the earth with Your love. Let us build a just world. Open our eyes to see that we must care for all as we would for ourselves. Amen.

August 4:
Finding Healing and Hope within Crises in Families through the intercession of Our Lady of Cana

Lord, heal my family.  Help those in my family who are torn by misunderstandings to bond through communication and forgiveness.  Help family members who have drifted apart to reunite.  Show each of us the value of investing ourselves in our families, giving more of our time than our treasure.  Let children bring joy to our family life.  Let the elderly and the young alike share a sense of belonging.  Let us value one another for who we are - sons and daughters of God.  Help us, God, to love one another. Amen.  

August 5:
Feast of Our Lady of the Snows
Thanksgiving for Healing Received

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for the gift of my life and for Your presence.  Sometimes I can see Your blessings flow abundantly and I am filled with gratitude.  Other times I feel more distant from You, as if You are hidden from me.  Open my eyes to see Your goodness always.  I pray today for those who do not know all the blessings I have today.  Be with them now, that they may know Your peace, that they may have hope for the future.  Amen.  

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