Sympathy Prayer Chain

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Sympathy Prayer Chain

The persons named here are in need of prayer as they pass from this life to the next.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Sympathy Prayer Chain for one year.

Submit the name of a loved one who is deceased.



July 2017
Adam Q
Adam Q
Alex and Maryann T
Alwin R
Anne D
Antonia GF
Antonietta GF
Antonietta GF
Arlene A
Ata Y
Bernie V
Betty W 
Bill R
Blanche A
Bob S 
Briana K 
Bride Y
Bryan M
Burridge Family
Cathy B
Cathy P
Charles F
Cindi L
Cindy R
Conway family
Cristina V
Dan C
Dana D
Darilyn DC
Darwin F
Dave H
David Carlos F
Deb C
Delores T
Don M
Donna V
Dorothy A
Dorothy J
Dorrance D
Eduardo C
Elda D'A
Elizabeth "Liz" D
Elizabeth H
Elsie P
Emilio R
Ernest L
Ernest M
Eugene J
Eugene J
Evangeline R
Evelyn R
Fe Elsie H
Fe H
Frances Z
Franco C
Frank V
Frankie V
George A
Gertrude E
Giuseppe M
Grace P
Harrington Family
Hector T
Helen Bakos
Helen S 
James N
James V L
Jennifer M
Jennifer M
Jeremiah B
Jerome B 
Jim W 
Joaquín C
Joaquín C
Joe B
John and Mary Y
John and Vera E
John B
John B
John P
John P
John P
John P
John R
Jojo R
Jonah J
Jorge A H
Joseph D
Joyce D
Kathleen D
Kathleen M
Kenneth M
Krista H
Lance C
Lance C 
Laura Van A
Leah E
Linden Q
Lottie Z
Lou Bakos
Louis Sr C
Louise M
Lyle A G
Margaret D
Margherita A
Martha K
Mary Precious L
Mason Family
Mason Family
Mason Family
Mason Family
Michael O
Mike C
Milo B
Nancy M
Nicky V
Norma K
Pasvogel Family
Pasvogel Family
Pat W 
Paul T
Pedro T
Ralph F
Red S
Rennie D
Rich B
Rob M
Ryan G
Shutt Family
sister-in-law of Phyllis
Sonny Q
Stephen M
Tracy R
Trinidad family
Valerie R
Veronica F
Virgil S 
Watson Family
Watson Family
Zachary R
Updated 7/27/17