Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate - October Prayer Chain

Sympathy _prayer2

Sympathy Prayer Chain

The persons named here are in need of prayer as they pass from this life to the next.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Sympathy Prayer Chain for one year.

Submit the name of a loved one who is deceased.



October 2017
Alberta M
All intentions
All who are deceased
Angelica O
Anna Lois Louisa Marti Marty Kelli Kathy Allison
Anne F
Anne H
Arturo O
Barbara F
Barbara M
Benito R
Betty W
Bill O 
Bob and Marguerite A
Bob G
Bob S 
Byron D
Carl Danny T
Charlene J
Cindi L
Cindi L
Dale B
Darlene C
David P
Don Y
Donna K
Dorothy G
Earl G
Eddie N
Edward Stanley S
Elizabeth M 
Emily A
Eric P
Esther D
Fely M
Genevieve M
George F
Gerald R
Grace L 
Greg H
Harry D
Healing Intentions
Heather M
Hector Alveraze
Helen R
Helen S 
Ivey Family
Jacob P
Jeanette Claire S
Jed s
Jermiah M
Jerome B 
Jerry A
Jerry L
Jerry L
Jim W 
Joan F
Joan G
Joanne S
Joely F
John H
John R
Jose T
Juanita R
Kadin W
Karen F
Kathleen B
Kathy E
Kathy M
Ken Bret F
Leslie CD
Louie L
Louis H
Luis Aaron C
Margaret T
Margarita D
Marilyn and Tom T
Mary A
Mary G
Mary Virginia P
Matt D
Matthew M
Michael P
Michael P
Michael P
Michael W 
Michael W 
Mrs. Quirk
Myrna A
Napoleon T
Patricia W
Patricia W
Paul A
Paul J
Pearl Nts'ekhe & M. Talanyane
Philip W
Querubin F
Richard C
Richard C
Richard C
Rick M
Robert B 
Robert H
Robert S
Robin J
Ruben P
Ruth B 
Ruth B 
Ruth Lenore B
Ryan R
Sandy H
Sharon F
Shirley H
Susana S
Teri H
Theresa Brenda Cheeryl Sherry Christine Riicks Daughter Michales son Gail
Tim N
Tom P
Tony D OMI
Vicente O Jr
Victims in Vegas Shooting 
Virgil S 
Virginia Clara W
William M
William S
Zip A
Updated 10/31/17