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Immigration _3The Immigration Debate – Through the Eyes of Children

The United States doesn’t know what to do with them.  Mexico doesn’t want to deal with them either.  But the Missionary Oblates accept them for who they are – children of God.

They are the children of the deported.  Most have spent their entire lives in the United States, until their parents were deported by the government.  Now they live in Tijuana, Mexico – a place that is foreign to them. Read more >

Philippine _4Oblates in the News

The Filipino "Cardinal of Peace"

When Orlando Cardinal Quevedo signs his name, he puts O.M.I. behind it.  Officially the initials stand for “Oblates of Mary Immaculate.”  But Cardinal Quevedo says they also stand for his priestly philosophy – “Out More than In.”

When Pope Francis named Archbishop Quevedo a Cardinal in February 2014, he selected a man who is uncomfortable with the trappings of the position. Read more >

Good _day _insetOblate Profile

Fr. Juan Ayala, O.M.I. "As an Oblate, Every Day is a Good Day"

Father Juan Ayala, O.M.I. came to know the Missionary Oblates when he was just a boy.  His family belonged to an Oblate parish, Mary Immaculate, in the San Fernando Valley of California.  Young Juan was intrigued by the Oblates’ stories of missionary work.  “Their homilies were inspiring and their love of Jesus radiated,” he explained.. Read more >