A View of the Future

The Tijuana Mission of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate currently has more than 100 students benefiting from the San Eugenio Scholarship program. These are mostly students in university, but there are some students finishing high school. One of our most recent scholarship recipients is Nicole Méndez Padilla who is majoring in accounting and who attends María Inmaculada parish in Tijuana.

Nicole is 17 years old and always has a smile for those who need a bit of cheerfulness. A few years ago, a tragic accident almost took the life of her father. Since then, her mother has been the primary wage earner. This situation required Nicole to work and study at the same time, because she was determined not to abandon her dream of getting a degree and being able to help provide for her family.

Nicole reflects that her mother has been the perfect example of effort, dedication, and love. Even though the situation has created great demands on her mother, there is never a time when there was not something to eat. However, Nicole says sometimes she forgoes a meal to have money for her transportation to school. The San Eugenio Scholarship program is what makes it even possible for her to attend university.

“I would like to pay forward, even if it is just a little, something of what has been given to me,” said Nicole. “I would be very happy if I was afforded the opportunity to teach mathematics to children in our community.” As a start, Nicole volunteers teaching the children math.

There are hundreds of young people in our community who, like Nicole, study and work at the same time. Some can continue to earn a degree, but others simply cannot and must abandon their studies. It would be great if young people did not have to work while they were trying to go to school. They are the hope for a better future in the Tijuana community, and we pray for all these young people to achieve their dreams of being a doctor, teacher, accountant or whatever they want to be.

With your donations and prayers, you are supporting the scholarship program and making dreams a reality.