Your Easter Novena Prayers will arrive in your inbox shortly.  You will receive the full nine-day Easter Novena as a pdf download.  Then starting on Easter Sunday, you will receive each of the nine days of prayer through a daily email.
The free resource that you will be receiving is provided to you by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  The Missionary Oblates are a Roman Catholic congregation of priests and brothers who serve in over 60 countries around the world sharing God’s love and message of the Gospel.
During this Easter season, as you pray and meditate on God’s promises of eternal life, we want to encourage your faith by offering you a beautiful bracelet. 
When you give a gift of $18 or more to the Missionary Oblates today, in appreciation for your generosity, we will send you an Uplifting Spirit Locket Bracelet.
The Uplifting Spirit Locket Bracelet will keep your faith by your side and will be a reminder that you are not alone during times of difficulty.  The glass case contains a cross accented with rhinestones, a delicate angel wing and several crystals.  The case is wrapped in rhinestones that sparkle.  The bracelet features a variety of beads in several shades of pink.  Some of the beads are elegantly capped or accented with rhinestones.  The bracelet stretches for easy wearing.
The Missionary Oblates desire to help people, like you, grow in their relationship with God.  They also help some of the poorest communities with practical and spiritual Catholic outreach.  Since 1816, the Missionary Oblates have shown the love of Jesus everyday to people in these communities by living among them and providing food and drink, medicine, shelter, education, friendship and encouragement through God’s Word.
Have you ever wanted to make a real difference in the lives of people around the world?
When you give a gift of $18 or more to the Missionary Oblates today, you can do just that and receive the Uplifting Spirit Locket Bracelet.

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