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We are so grateful you are joining us in prayer this month! You will receive the entire eBook as a PDF download which you can save to your computer or print out for those times when you need to turn quickly to prayer
This last year taught us even more how important prayer is in times of trouble. And your prayers matter right now, as we begin to rebuild communities at home and around the world.
There are so many Oblates in India helping to minister to the sick, the dying and the grieving. They will know that your prayers are with them.
In Texas, there are over 2,000 people for every priest. So please pray as Oblates take on the work of ministering to people living in isolation that have been without priests, comfort or counsel during this really hard year.
If you are able, would you please pray about helping even more by giving a gift today? You will bless so many who are, right now, trying to recover from their loss of friends, families, jobs and health. When you support the Oblates, you are there, walking with them, comforting, praying and healing lives that have been devastated.
With your support, together, we can bring the love of Jesus right to them.
If it’s not too much to ask, could you give a gift right now and bless our Oblate missionaries and the people they care for?

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