Thank You for Your Interest in the Healing and Hope Novena

I am overjoyed that you wish to join us in prayer and honor this 80-year tradition of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

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Each email will include:

  • Gospel Passages from the day’s readings
  • A reflection on Mary’s guidance taken from the writings of various Oblates
  • A special prayer to prayer we can pray together for the day’s topic
  • A link to join our live stream of the Evening Mass

Mary the Dawn, Christ the Perfect Day

Our email program will be a supplement to the evening Masses at the Shrine. I encourage you to join my brother Oblates at these masses in person if you can. If you cannot be with us in person, please join us in spirit and watch the livestream here.

The Masses will be inspired by the ancient Marian hymn “Mary the Dawn” during the Novena. In the beautiful verses of this ancient hymn, we are all reminded that Mary takes care of all our concerns by taking them to Jesus. We will ask for Mary’s intercession for healing and hope in a particular area of life each night.

Friday, July 28
Mary the Dawn, Christ the Perfect Day!
For the Salvation of Souls
Fr. Jim Fee, OMI

Saturday, July 29
Mary the Gate, Christ the Heavenly Way!
For Those Who Struggle with Hopelessness 
Fr. Chava Gonzalez, OMI

Sunday, July 30
Mary the Root, Christ the Mystic Vine;
Mary the Grape, Christ the Sacred Wine
For Those Who Have Lost Their Faith
Fr. Raul Salas, OMI

Monday, July 31
Mary the Wheat, Christ the Living Bread;
Mary the Stem, Christ the Rose blood-red!

For Those Affected by Violence
Fr. Mark Dean, OMI

Tuesday, August 1
Mary the Font, Christ the Cleansing Flood!
For Healing of Physical Infirmities
Fr. Elvis Mwamba, OMI

Wednesday, August 2
Mary the Cup, Christ the Saving Blood!
For Those Called to Marriage/Struggling Marriages
Fr. Mark Dean, OMI
Deacon Doug Boyer

Thursday, August 3
Mary the Temple, Christ the Temple’s Lord;
Mary the Shrine, Christ the God Adored!

For Those Called to Religious Life
Fr. Mike Powell, OMI

Friday, August 4
Mary the Beacon, Christ the Haven’s Rest;
Mary the Mirror, Christ the Vision Blest!

For Our Universal Vocation to Joy
Fr. Chava Gonzalez, OMI

Saturday, August 5
Mary the Mother, Christ the Mother’s Son
by all things blest while endless ages run.

In Gratitude for Mary’s Intercession for Our Needs
Bishop Michael McGovern

I look forward to praying this novena with you this year and thank you for your continued support of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

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