Lenten Reflection for 3/2

Saturday of the Second Week of Lent

Daily Prayer

Merciful God, the evil in us is like sediment that sits on the bottom of our souls. For a while our souls seem pure and innocent, but all it takes is a little self-righteous anger or a bit of jealousy or impatience to stir up the sediment and make us aware that evil is still in us. You sent Your beloved Son to teach us Your love and mercy. Do not let us become complacent, Lord, when the waters of our souls seem clear and still. Enable us to attain the joys of salvation and celebrate always with glad rejoicing. Amen

Scripture Readings

Micah 7:14-15, 18-20; Luke 15:1-3, 11-32
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Scripture Quote

Luke 15:31-32

[Then Jesus told them this parable:]
“But now we must celebrate and rejoice,
because your brother was dead and has come to life again;
he was lost and has been found.”


Like the elder brother of the Prodigal Son, we may feel the Prodigal Son should have been chastised and chastened rather than celebrated upon his return. This is especially true when we feel wounded. We feel God’s love is finite. If God loves this person that much, we think, then, He has less love for us.

But God’s love is infinite. When we realize this, we worry less about how much others have and more about our own ability to forgive, to love, to celebrate and to rejoice.

Reflection Questions

Am I willing to receive back into my life someone with whom I have had a serious disagreement?

Is there someone I need to receive forgiveness from?

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