Fr_Vadim_Dorosh_OMIOblate Military Chaplain Ministering in Ukraine

“Glory be to Jesus Christ!

My name is Fr. Vadim Dorosh O.M.I. I’m a Military Chaplain. I want to share with you information about the situation in Ukraine. First of all, I thank God for the strength and courage of every region serving in Ukraine and not leaving their parishioners during the full-scale war with Russia, which attacked Ukraine on February 24 at around 5 am. War takes place in all regions of Ukraine, but in some areas such as Kiev, Kharkiv, Donetsk southern and northern regions of Ukraine with special cruelty. Bombing civilians destroy infrastructure of cities there are cases of shooting priests and civilians.

Fr_Vadim_Dorosh_OMI military chaplainChildren, women and pensioners are being killed. Millions of refugees. Our defenders heroically protect the Motherland. We are as missionaries of the region though there are different situations and we are united and try to help each other. Despite the shelling and that in Kyiv or Chernihiv other Eucharist in the intention of victory over the enemy and peace in the world. All over Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians are standing for the protection of the Motherland and democratic values. We as the regions we serve here become side by side organize assistance with food, medicine, help in defending our cities and villages. Personally, I as a Chaplain also help defenders by lifting them up in spirit and giving confession opportunity. Also in our Tivrivsky Sanctuary of the Mother of God we accept refugees from different parts of Ukraine. First of all of you who will read please pray for us that defeated this evil that enslaved Russian authorities. Pray for us to stand up. Don’t be silent on all these crimes against humanity and the right to free life of Ukrainians.

Glory to Ukraine! I am proud to belong to such a strong and brave people! Virgin Mary pray for us!”

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