Ukraine newsOne of the places most affected by the war has been precisely the city of Chernihiv, where we have an Oblate house.  Located on the border with Russia and Belarus, the city of Chernihiv has been overrun by enemy forces since the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation.  On March 1, it has also begun to be bombarded with “Grad” rockets and, apparently, Russian troops have been joined by Belarusians.

Father Piotr Wróblewski O.M.I. noted that the first bombardments ended around noon: “So far, everything is going well.  We have everything, including internet and coffee.  Tonight, has been a quiet night, everyone slept well.  We hope that the day will also be peaceful” the missionary wrote this morning.

In the cellars of the Oblate house, daily life continues, despite the danger heard above. Since the beginning of the invasion, the crypt of the church has served as an anti-aircraft shelter, where about 40 people, sometimes more, come to spend the night.  In addition, another 20-30 people live permanently in the basement of the Oblate house, to protect themselves from the constant bombing.  They are mainly young mothers with children, who are looking for a safe place for their children and to be able to help each other, given that there are now problems with the supply of food and other essential items, so there are long queues.



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