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Get Well Prayer Chain

The persons named here ask for your prayer as they recover from illness.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Get Well prayer chain for one year.

Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

January 2021

Aaron S
Abby C
Adoracion V
Adoracion V
Adrian Ricardo S
Aida C
Aidan C
Alejandra F
All Residents of Providence Green Apartments In WWVA
All The Residents Of Paradise Mobile Home Park New Bloomfield Pa
All those Christmas Cards Were Sent to by our Family – Special Prayers for Mario, Lorenzo, Ben, and Bennie – died from COVID, Swine Flu, and Health Conditions
Allan C
Altagracia L
Altagracia L
Amanda V
Amanda V
Amanda V
Amelia L
Amy D
Amy S and baby (yet unborn)
Angela P
Angela P
AngelMarie, Lewis, & Jack K
Ann E and family
Annie R
Anthony T
Antonio S
Arianna S
Ashtun T
Autumn C
Belen B
Belinda D
Belle S
Bienvenido J
Bill S
Billy C
Bobby P
Brian D
Butch D
Camilla M
Candido L
Capriotti Families
Carlitos A
Carlos & Juanatas Family
Carlos & Juanatas Family
Carolyn Rich N
Charlene Z
Charles A
Chris A
Christi W and families
Christopher S
Claudin G
Colleen M
Connie D
Consuelo M
Cora S
D Bayless
Dan B
Dana L
Daniella R
Danny C & Family
David & Roselie Z
David N
David P
David P
Deacon Dale F
Debbie C
Dee R
Della & Dick D
Denis D
Devynn A
Diana K
Diane B
Diane B
Diane B
Div G
Diva G
Don R
Don T
Don T
Donald J T
Donna D
Dorian P & Mom
Doug S
Doug S
Douglas S
Douglas S
Dylon W
e kong
Edelma N
Edison A
Eliana K
Ellen F
Elpidio Jr V
Eric P and families
Erin C
Estelita D
Eva T
Evelyn M
F yuntshin
F Yuntshin
F.yuntshin. j.khiong.e.kong
Fancesca L
Fielito L
For the soul of Jerel JB
Fouad S
Fr. Gerardo R
Fran M
Frank J
Frank M
Frias Family
Gabriel V J
Gal C

Gerald M
Geraldine N
Gerardo S
Gerardo S
German M
Gloria K
Greg G
Houston D
j khiong
J khiong e kong
Jack Cap
Jackie & Tony P
Jacqueline D
Jade E
James C
James M
Jane S
Janet C
Janet Marie Shawley Kibe & Twins
Jay S
Jaylene D
Jeanne D
Jeanne N
Jeanne N
Jeanne N
Jeannette N
Jedd Raiven C
Jedd Raiven C
Jeff M
Jennifer & Fred N
Jennifer & Fred N
Jenny K
Jenny K
Jenny K
Jerel J B
Jerel JB
Jeremy & Adam P
Jessica D
Jesús A L
Jill C
Jim H
Joa D
Joan C
John D
John F
John J
John L
John P & Family
John S
John T
Joni C
Joseph F
Judith S
Judy B
Julio M
Justin C
Justin C
Justin S
K Joy B
Kallie N
Kallie N
Kalliene N
Karen W
Kate S
Kathy & Dick M
Kathy & Dick M
Kathy F
Kathy W
Katie H
KelliAnn S
Kelly L
Kelly L
Kelly T
Kelly T
Kevin D
Kim Lou Niche Louis R
Kirk M
Kirk S
Lana R
Laura C
Lawyers in Hong Kong Courst Success
Lawyers of Hong Kong Success
Len R
Lillian Maureen S
Lin M Denise L
Linda V
Linda Z
Lisa C
Liwayway DG
Luke V
Lynn K
M Scardina
Mac F
Maeann V
Maliq T
Marc D
Marc K
Marc K and family
Margaret D
Maria E M
MariaEugenia G
MariaEugenia G
MariaEugenia G
Marie G
Marie V
Marilyn V
Marilyn V
Mario B
Mark S
Mary Carol D
Matthew R
Maureen Suzette choy S
Max P
Melissa S
Merril C
Michael K

Michael M
Michelangelo C
Miguel V
Mike D & wife
Mike P
Min F
Monica K
Monica K
Mother Felina C
Mr S
Nancy Cap
Nancy T U
Navkiran D
Nick M D
Nick V
Nikki Steve Francesca Gianna Steve Jr B
Nikolaus D
Nina WB and families
Norma J
Oliver C
Oliver G
Pat S
Patricia W
Patrick M
Paul V
Peden Family
Pedro Alberto G
Peter H
Phil I
Priscilla U
Purificacion J
Purificacion J
Racquel S
Ramon M
Raquel P
Raymond K
Rey Francis A
Rhodora A
Richard N
Richard T
Richard Z
Rick N
Rick N jr
Rick N Jr
Rick N Sr
Rick N Sr
Rigoberto G
Rigoberto G
Rob N
Rob N
Rob N
Rob V
Robert Adrian S
Robert K
Rochelle D
Roert Z
Romualdo Jose V
Romualdo V
Ron & Josie Z
Rosa S
Rose V
Roselle Anne C
Roselle Anne C
Rossana A
Rowena B
Rowena L
Rush L
Ryan G
Ryan M
Ryan S
Sabrina G
Sam T Canada Vancouver
Sam Tien Vancouver Stop smoke
Samatha K
Seeta U
Serafin D
Sharon A
Sharon R
Sharon Y
Shirley T
Sofia D
Steve F
Steve M Ernesto P
Steven M
Sue & Tim
Susan H
Suzanne S
Suzanne S
Taks L
Tamborino Family
Tara B
Tess O
The Kibe Family Travels & Homes Of New Bloomfield pa
The Kibe Twins Jeffrey & Evoda & home
The World Of Troubles and Heaven Too
Thomas D
Tiffany M & Dan
Tintin L
Tom A
Tony G
Tony Z
Valentin Jr L
Valentin lll L
Vanessa M
Vera K
Vicky G
Victoria J
Victoria J
Victoria M
Wendy B
Winn B’s dad
Yolanda M G
Zabrina L
Zachary D
Zeus F

Updated 1/31/21