Get Well Prayer Chain

The persons named here ask for your prayer as they recover from illness.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Get Well prayer chain for one year.

Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

January 2019

Abby Cap
Adrian Ricardo Sahibdeen
Alicia F
Andy F
Anna H
Anthony Cap
Anthony S
Aubrey D
Aubrey Ricardo C
Belle I
Bernadine J
Bette D
Betty C
Bill S
Brandon H
Capriotti Families
carol h
Celeste L
Charlie U
Cheryl P
Chris A
Chris B
Clem W
Consuelo M
Dan B
Dave N
David Z
Deacon Bob C
Dean S
Delore R
Denise & Lin
Denise O
Denise S
Doc R
Dominick P
Eduardo G
Elena T
Estee & Pedro P
Evelyn S
Fabio Lanzoni and Family
Floyd Z
Frank G
Frank M
Frank P Jr
Fred C
Gerry S
Gloria J
Gloria K
Gloria P
Gloria T
Hortencia C
Ibeth R
Jack Cap

Jack Cap
Jacqueline A
James L
Jane L
Janet Marie Shawley Kibe and Family
Jean G
Jerel JB
Jerry S
Jesus T
Jim P
Joe R
John D
John P
John R
Jose M
Josephine M
Josie P
Josie Ron Z
Juana T
Juana T
Karen B
Kathi L.
Kathy W
Kelly P
Kenneth B
Kevin P
Kim Lou Nich Louis R
Kim Lou Nich Louis R
Kim, Lou, Nichel, Louis RI
Lauren Hanrahan
Lillian Maureen Sahibdeen
Linda H
Linda P
Linda R
Louie T
Louise R
Lucy Ann D
Lynn S
M/Ms John S
Marg W
Maria Elena B
Marie V
Mary A
Mary D
Mary L
Matthew G
Maureen Suzette Sahibdeen
Mellie A
Merry Ann Rucci
Michael W
Michelle T
Milagros P
Missy O
Momma S
Momma S

Mostafa AzariMajd
Mr J
Mrs. Eva S
Nancy Cap
Pam B
Pascasio P
Pat M
Patrick P
Patrick P
Patrick P
Patti Keen
Perla Lara
Pete and Lorraine S
Phil r
Philip R
Ralph S
Rhonda B
Richard S
Richard Z
Rob E
Rob Richert
Robert Adrian Sahibdeen
Robert -Z
Roger Z
Romualdo Jose V II
Romualdo Jose V II
Ronald P
Rosaura T
Rosie L
Rosie v
Ross B
Rowena B
Roy B
Rudy M
Russ D
Shane P
Sheila M
Stacy J., Sheree, Travae, Trevon, Darnell, Siana, Darnell Jr. Sebastian
Stancombe family
Steve & E
Steve C
Steve S
Susie S
Sutherland family
Ted N
The Schroeder Family
Thomas D
Tina Fer
Tina Rose Sandra Rudy John Family
Tony Per
Vicky G
Vince C
Waleed I
Wilkerson Family
Wilkerson Family
Zelhis C

Updated 1/31/19