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Get Well Prayer Chain

Get Well Prayer Chain

The persons named here ask for your prayer as they recover from illness.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Get Well prayer chain for one year.

Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

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September 2020

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Ãngel Q
Aaron S
Abby Cap
Adoracion V
Adrian Ricardo S
Adrian Ricardo S
Alex M
All Of Archangel Michaels army and Gods plus their homes and families
All Of Paradise Mobile Home Park New Bloomfield Pa
All the World and People Lifes
All Tienaman Square China 1989
Altagracia L
Ana G
Ana Maria C
Angel Marie, Lewis and Jack Kibe
Angela M
Angela P
Anthony g
Armando R
Ashtun Thomas & Jamie B
Aubrey C
Aubrey Ricardp S
Beck D
Becky B
Bill hatch
Bill S
Brian A masaco sumas family tie
Brian B
Capriotti Families
Carlitos A
carol C
Carol P
Catalina B
Charles A
Charles M
Chris G
Christa M
Christien lill hatch
Cindi R
Connor D
Daniel P
Danny H
Dansun C
Dansun C J
Daryl D
David A
Debbie R
Deborah C
Deborah C
Denise K
Denise S
Diane B
Donna D
Doyle Family
E Kong
E Kong
Ed B
Ed D
Edison A
Editha B
Edmund C
Elaine E
Elaine E
Elizabeth Julia Ame A
Elizabeth R
Elsa R
Evoda Marie Kibe and home to travels
F Tshin
Fabio Lanzoni homes and family and travels
Felicia C
Flora Y T
Fr. David J
Frank G
Frank G
Frank G
Fred W
Gabriella D
Gamal Salah A
George B
George Floyd USA

Georgi H
Georgio S
Georgio S
Grace S
Grand Rapids Priests Deacons Seminarians
Grand Rapids Priests Deacons Seminarians
Hilda M
Hilda P
Ildefonso C
Irene P
Isabella Destiny R
J khiong
J khiong
J & A V
J khiong
Jack B
Jack B
Jack Cap
James C
Jane S
Janet Marie K
Janice M
Jasmine and Family
Jasmine M
Jean C
Jeanne N
Jedd Raiven C
Jeffrey Lynn Kibe & home
Jenny Wendy C
Jenny Wendy C
Jerel B
Jerry M
Jillian C
Joe M
John D
John D
Jonathan H
Jose B
Jose C
Joy B
Joy B
Juan M
Juanatas & Carlos Family
Judith S
Justin C
Justin M
Kallie N
Karen C
Katie K
Keith D
KelliAnn S
Kelvin M
Kevin M
Lauren D
Lauren N
Lauri H
Lee D
Leticia C
Liam and Emray and families
Lillian Maureen S
Lissette C
Louise R
Luana B
Lucena T M
Luke V
M/Ms Steven R
Marc D
Marc D
Marc T
Marci L
Margaret D
Margaret Rocha A
Maria C
Maritza D
Mark B
Marvin M
Mary Carol D
Mary Kay S
Maureen Suzette Choy S
Maurice G

Meanne V
Melijoy A
Melissa S
Michael D
Milton and Richard Mildred D
My family
Mykyta D
Nancy Cap
Nancy Cap
Nancy Cap
Nancy Cap
Nancy S
Nick H
Nikolaus D
Nor E And friends
Norma canada
Oliver C
Orlando H
Orlando M
Pablo Lara
Pat B
Pat B
Paul Pam M
Phil L
President Trump
Purificacion J
Ramon M
Ramona T
Ramona T
Raquel P
Regina D
Regina N
Rhodora A
Richard N
Rick N
Rick S
Rigoberto G
Rob N
Robert Adrian S
Robert S
Robert S
Rochelle D
Romualdo Jose V
Romualdo V
Ronnie H
Roselle Anne C
Rosemarie C
Ross B
Rowena B
Ryan D
Ryan M
Ryan N
Salah Amen A
Samantha W
Scott D
Shannon D
Sonia C
Sonny R
Stanley David Z
Teresita F
The Kibe Family & Homes & Travles
The Miller Family
The Morgan Family on Youtube Outdoors with the Morgans
The President USA
The World of Troubles
Thomas D
Three Sisters
Tom A
Tom A
Trevor L
United States Marines Corp
Velma J
Victoria L
Wendar Lee 2005
William C
Zachary D

Updated 9/30/20