“Power of Prayer” Prayer Chain

The person named here ask for your prayer as they deal with a difficult situation in their life.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the “Power of Prayer” prayer chain for one year.

Submit the name of a loved one who is in need of prayer.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

June 2019

May >>

Abby C
Abby Cap
Adrian Ricardo S
Adrienne K
Alban B
Alban B
Alban B
Aldo S
Alice B
Alyson R
Anastacia (AJ) V
Andrea C
Angela P
Angelo V
Ann K
Annmarie D
Anthony R
Ashley B
Ashley K
Ashley K
Aubrey & Jean C
Audrey DL
Audrey N D
Barb R
Becky B
Bernabe M
Bernice B
Betty C
Bill S
Brian H
Bridget R
Cameron C
Candace G
Capriotti Families
Carissa S
Carissa S
Carissa S
Carlos R
Carmen H
Carol S
Cathy L
Charli K
Cheryl S
Dan B
Dave M
David B
Dawn R
Daywan P
Dee R
Diana P
Doc R
Donald T
Donna G
Donna R
Donna T
Dylan D
Edwin R
Elisa R
Ellen M
Elpidio V Jr
Emmett A
Esther M
Eugenia C
Evoda Marie K
F Yuntshin
Felicity V
Fiona S
Fr G Revard
Francis C
Francisco C
Francisco R
Gabrielle J
Geneva B
Geraldo R
Gianni B
Gift S V
Gloria C

Guadalupe L
Hal N
Higgins family
Howie Z
Ivica M
Jack Cap
Jack H
James L
James M
James M
James M
James P
Jamie F
Janet Marie K
Jeffrey K
Jennifer K
Jerry and Lana H
Joann E
JoAnn M
Joanne B
Joe A
Joe C
Joe P
Joe R
Joey M
John D
John J
John S
Jonathan F
Jonathan H
Jose H
Joseph M
Juanita G
Julie O
Karol O
Kathryn F
Kathy Z
Kathy Z
Kelly Dad
Kelly S
Kelly S
Ken M
Kevin K
Kevin Q
Kim R
Laurie B
Lawson, Keelie, Shelby and Ally
Lee D
Leo L
Leonard Z
Lillian Maureen S
Linda T
Linh F
Little Lucy
Little Lucy
Lourdes R
Lucca G
Luis R
Maddelena C
Maggie W
Marc B
Marc M
Marg W
Maria NS
Maria R
Marina V
Marina V
Mark G
Martel family Cassidy family
Martin L
Martin L
Mary Ann B
Mary L
Matthew H
Matthew S
Maureen Suzette C
Melissa C

Melissa C
Mercedes D
Mercedes D
Michael N
Michael S
Michael S
Milagros E
Nadia L
Nancy Cap
Nancy E T
Nataly R
Nazima K
Neil G
Nick S
Nilda R
Patricia A
Patricia D
Patricia H
Patricia S
Patrick B S
Patrick S
Paulette R
Peter T Paul T
Phil R
Philip R
Pierre F
Randi and family
Raymond B
Richard E B
Richard P
Richard P
Richard T
Rick M
Rick P
Rivaldo F
Rob N, J
Rob N, Jenny K
Rob N. , Jenny K.
Robert Adrian S
Robert T
Roderick H
Rodney R
Romualdo V
Rosa R
Rose L
Rosita N
Ross B
Rowena B
Ruth mother and family
Samantha H
Sandy V
Saucer Lanzoni Sr and wife
See Ru
Sency W
Sheila K
Sherry W
Stella S
Steve & E
Susan D
Suzanna H
Takao O
Tere and Kerry
The animals of the world and of heaven up above
The world and the heavens
Thomas A
Thomas E
Tom A
Toni G
Tracy D
Trish L
Uncle Tony D’Urso
Vicki L
Victoria J
Wendy B
William G
William S
Yuntshin F
Yuntshin Kong Khiong