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“Power of Prayer” Prayer Chain

The person named here ask for your prayer as they deal with a difficult situation in their life.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the “Power of Prayer” prayer chain for one year.

Submit the name of a loved one who is in need of prayer.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

November 2020

October >>

Abby Cap
Adele M
Adoracion V
Adrian Ricardo S
Adrian Ricardo S
Aida C
Al Home less All Poor Pay Abused Can Work Better Heal
Albert G
Alex M
Alice G
Alice S
All Angels In Heaven
Amanda P
Amy W
Angel, Jack & Lewis Kibe
Angela P
Anita G
Ann M
Annie R
Anthony G
Antonio S
Aubrey C
Avery S
Baby Leona H
Barbara R
Beata K
Bill S
Bonnie D
Brad W
Brandon M
Brian D
Brittany T
Capriotti Families
Carlitos A
Carlitos A
Catalina B
Charito F
Charles A
Chelsea O
Chris P
Coby B
Cody B
Connie V
Cory G
Dan B
Daniel N
Daniel N
Daniel P
Daniel P
Danny M
David P
David S
David Wan
Debbie C
Deloress R
Denny S
Diane L
Dolores A
Donald C Vancouver Canada
Donald T
Donald T
Donna D
Doug C
E Kong
Earl S
Edison A
Elaine L
Elect President JoeBiden
Elisabeth P
Elisabeth P
Ella Ren S
Ellen F
Elpidio Jr V
Elvira R and family
Erica B
Estelita D
Eva T
F Yuntshin
F Yuntshin
Fiona G
Frank M
Frank S
Freddie G
Gabriel O
Giselle O
Grace N
Grace N
Hayden B
Heather H
Heather J
Ida C
Irene S
Irma P
Irma P
Isabel E
Ivelia M
J Khiong
Jack Cap

Jack G
Janet Marie Kibe & Home
Janice C
Janis N & Romeo N & families
Jason L
Jatoria C
Jean C
Jean H
Jean H
Jeanie S
Jeanine S
Jedd Raiven C
Jenna E
Jerel B
Jillian C
Joan B
Joe Biden and family
John D
John F
John J
John J
Joni E
Jose B
Josephine C
Joshua V
Juanatas & Carlos Family
Jude V
Judith S
Julia G
Justin B
Justin C
Justin S
Karen A
Karlos Enrique B
Katrina B
Kay P
Kayla J
KelliAnn S
Kelly L
Kevin R
Kim R
Kim S
Kristie S
Kristoff R
Kristoff R
Laura E
Laura E
Laura N
Laura N
Laurie H
Lee D
Leslie M
Lillian Maureen S
Lin M & Denise
Linda V
Lorraine E
Lorraine G
Lou Kim Nichel Louis R
Lou, Kim, Nichel, Louis R
Louise C
Lupe Z
Lupe Z
Lydia C
Lyndsey M
M/Ms Danny M
M/Ms Danny M
M/Ms Frank M
M/Ms Frank M
Mae Anne V
Margaret C
Margaret D
Maria D
Marie V
Marlene Wan
Martha M
Marvin E
Mary C
Mary Carol D
Mary M
Mary R
Matt Farleu
Maureen Suzette Choy S
Medge W
Megan P
Meghan R
Melissa S
Michael O
Michelangelo C
Millie G
Mona M
Monque J
Moon T and Family Canada
Mr I
Nancy B
Nancy Cap
Nancy Cap
Nannette Todd, girls E
Nicholas P
Nick H

Nikolaus D
Nora E
Oliver C
Paige B
Pat S
Patie & Family B
Patricia W
Patti K
Pete B
Phillip D
Pray for our Military family for safety and blessings
Pray for peace and unity in the world in America
President Trump
President Trump
President Trump & Family
President Trump for peace and unity
Purificacion J
Rachelle D
Randy P
Raquel P
Rhodora A
Ricardo E
Rich & Carol N
Rick S
Rick S
Rick S
Ricky G
Ricky G
Ricky W
Ricky W
Robert Adrian S
Robert D
Robert I
Robert I and family
Romualdo Jose V
Romualdo V
Rori A
Rosa S
Rosalind E
Rose A
Rose A
Roselle Anne C
Rosemary H
Rosie V
Ross B
Rowena B
Rudy G
Rush L
Rush L
Sam T Vancouver Canada
Sandy S
Sean R
Seeta U
Sharon A
Sharon N
Sidney P
Skip R
Spencer S
Stephen G
Stephen S
Steve D
Steve J
Susan C
Tammy R
The Kibe Twins Jeffrey& Evoda
The Residents Of Paradise Mobile Home Park New Bloomfield Pa 17068
The Trouble Ones On Earth
Thom T
Thomas A
Thomas D
Thomas H
Three Sisters
Tom A
Tom W
Tom W
Tommy T
Tony & Jackie P
Tony M
Tony T
Tony Z
United States Marines Corp. 29 palms California base. Mental health
Veronica C
Veronica P
Victoria J
Wanda B
Wendy W
Wienny C Canada
World Healing
Zachary D