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Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

The persons who are named here are either cancer patients or their caregivers. We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Names (first name and last initial) are listed under the month received and will appear for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

August 2020

July >>

Abigail O
Abigail O
Adrian Ricardo S
Adrian Ricardo S
Adrianne c
Alde A
Alice Beth Chapman & Family & Home & Travels
All st p PRIEST and c marthers canada bc
All Of Altoona Blair County
All Of Paradise Mobile Home Park, Inc
All Of Perry County Pa
Allan B
Allan B
Alyson O
Amanda L
Andre E
Andrea W
Angel & Lewis & Jack of The Kibe Family
Angela P
Angela P
Anne A
Antonella, Gilberta
Archangel Michael & workers Family & Heaven
Arlene c
Arlene c
Asha A
Ashtun Thomas & Jamie B
Ashtun Thomas & Jamie B
Aubrey C
Aubrey C
Aunt Joyce Rose Shawley
Aunt Silva J Tarter
Aunt Silva Jean Kibe Tater
Baby Debbie
Baby Giana
Barbara N
Barbara W
Barbara W
Bella A
Ben M
Bernice G
Bernice G
Bill S
Bob B
Bobby D
Bobby D
Bobby D
Bobby D
Brandon H
Carissa S
Carissa S
Carl P
Carlitos A
Carlos & Juanatas Family
Carmen O
Charles M
Charlotte H
Chris A
Christa S
Christine C
Christopher K
Christopher S
Christopher S
Collin B
Concepcion M
Cristina A
Crystal M
D Montana
Dannica A
David A
David B
David G
David N
David R
Deedee r
Diane and Ross B
Editha B
Ellie V
Ellie V
Emilio M
Emray Hendrickson & her family
Erica M
Ernestine T
Eve S
Evoda Marie Kibe & Family
F.yuntshin. j.khiong.e.kong
F.yuntshin. j.khiong.e.kong
F.yuntshin. j.khiong.e.kong
Fabio Lanzoni & Homes to Travels
Faither leung canada and Fr. Hamilton
fam M R
Father Chiang OU and Canada Richmond BC
Father Nutterbeg Richmond BC Canada
Fr Anthony Z
Fr Hamilton
Fran DeSilva & Family
Fran S

Fran S
Fran S
Franca C
Frenk L Canada and Wife Victoria BC
Gay A
Gene E
George M
Georgina E
Gino E
Hammond B
Harold H
Harry H
Harvey A
Harvey B
Helen S
Helga R
Hilaria H
Hilda M
Hilda R
Howard M
Hunter Morgan & his Family
Jack L
Jaclyn H
Jaclyn H
Jadwiga D
James M
Jane S
Janet Marie Kibe & Family
Janice D
Janice R
Janis &Romeo N
Jay B
Jaynell W
Jean C
Jean C
Jeanne N
Jeanne N
Jeannie F
Jedd Raiven C
Jeffrey LynnKibe and home
Jennifer R
Jill R
Jillian C
Jillian C
Jim R
Jimmie P
Joan W
Jodi V and all family and friends
Joe F
John D
John F
John J
John M
John M Sr
John W
Joseph B
Josette E
Joshua S
Josselyn C
Joyce L
Julie D M
Julie R
Julie R
Julie R
Juliette B
June R
June R
Justin C
Justin G
Justin L
Justin L
Kallie W
Karen Sch
Kathy B
Keith B
KelliAnn S
Kim W
Kristoff R
Laruie Cabot & Family
Lauren R
Lee D
Leo and Donna M
Liam Alen S
Lillian Maureen S
Lillian Maureen S
Liza E
Lourdes A
Luisa E
Maeanne V
Margaret D
Margarita S
Marion M
Mark S G
Marla F
Mary A
Mary Ann
Mary Ann A
MaryAnn G
Matthew G

Maureen Suzette S
Melissa C
Melissa M
Melissa S
Meta Y
Micahel Tran
Michael M
Milagros E
Milon & Chandra M
Mr Dentisi
Mr Dentisi
Nancy B
Nancy Cap
Nancy Cap
Nazima Khan & Paul C
Nicholas Z
Nicholas Z
Nick F
Nick V
Nick V
Nicole M
Nikolaus D
Norman W. Kibe My Father
Pam H
Pam H
Pam H
Pam H
Pat S
Patricia A
Patricia D
Patricia S
Pearl G
Peter Le and Tu Nguyen
Pray for the world
Pray for the world
Purificacion J
Rachel T
Remegio dela rea
Rene H
Richard N
Rick N
Rob N
Robert Adrian S
Robert C
Robert C
Robin O
Roger M
Roland A
Romualdo V
Ron S
Rosalinda A
Rosario T
Rose A
Roselle Anne C
Rowena B
Ryan S
S Lewis Kibe The Kibes Cat
Sara Jane on youtube
Serafina M
Serina S
Sheira A
Simeon A
Sophia G
Sr. Maria TRAM
Stephan C
Stephan C
Stephanie D
Steve H
Sydney K
Sylvia P
Teresa W
The Bowman Family Of Blair County
The Carpi Family
The Kibe Family Household
The Lanzoni Family
The Morgan Family
The Shawely Family
The Smoakes Family
The World That Has Troubles
Thomas C
Toni & Ian W & Family
Tracy & Flody R
Tracy C
Tracy C
Tracy C
Tracy C
United States Marines base 29 palms California
Victor A
Victoria J
Victoria J
Virgina A.
VY and her Kayla
Wayne P
Whynne B
Will M
William K
Winston V
Zachary D

Updated 8/31/20