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Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

The persons who are named here are either cancer patients or their caregivers. We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Names (first name and last initial) are listed under the month received and will appear for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

January 2020

Aaron J
Aaron S
Abby Cap
Adam L
Adoracion V
Adrian Ricardo S
Alex B
Alex L
Alexandra D
ALL WARS 1 & 2
Amber A
Amber V
Anna V
Ann-Isabel Carmel D
Ashley S
Astrid V
Baby Rory
Baby Rory
Barbara N
Barbara S
Becca I
Bill D
Bill S
Bill V
Bill W
Bob Sheridan
Brad S & all of his staff & patients past present & futures
Brian M
Bryce D
Bryce D
Buffy W
Cacelia J
Capriotti Families
Carline G D
Carlos R
Carolyn V
Cas W
Catalina B
Cathy B
Cedric Savio D
Charlotte J B
Cheryl Lynn M
Chris U
Christian S
Clorinda R
Dan M
Darlene M
Darralyn V
Deb D
Debra D
Denise M
Dennis Y
Donald C and Sister in law and all
Doris B
Doris B
Dorothy B
Dorothy M
Dorris T
E . Kong
E Kong
Edison A
Ellen B
Emile D
Emily B
Eric E
Eric W
Ethel A D
F yuntshin
F Yuntshin V. E Kong, J Khiong
F.yuntshin. j.khiong.e.kong
Fabrice Quincy B
Felicia C
Fyuntshin and ekong
Gabriel Michael J
Gabrielle J
Gabrielle J
Garrett L
Gary B
George D
George Joseph L
George P
Giliane L
Giselle B
Grace O
Grace O
Greg C
Greta A
Heather E
Heather E
Helen Sch
Herby Savio D
J khiong

J khiong
J Stryker
Jack Cap
Jaime M
James R C
James S
Jan M
Jane S
Janet l
Jason Joseph L Sr
Jean & Aubrey C
Jean B
Jean H
Jean P
Jeanne D
Jeanne N
Jeff G
Jennings D II
Jenny C
Jerel B
Jerome P
Jerry J
Jesse M
Jill S
Jim C
Jody M
Joe G
Joe Z
John D
John D
John J
John P
JohnIP, Sr
JohnP, Jr
Joseph B.
Joseph M
Joseph R
Josephine P
Joshua L
Judy B
Julie F
Julie R
Karen Sch
Karl P
Kathleen M
Kathy R
Keith L
Kelly G
Kevin D
Kevin Q
Lana P
Larry S
Laurence D
Lee D
Leslie T
Lien Z & Family
Lillian Maureen S
Lins Family
Lisa C
Liz B
Lois R
Lori D & all of her patients past present & future
Lorraine S
Louise P
Maeanne V
Maeanne V
Mandi P
Marcus G
Margaret D
Margaret D
Maria Ana A
Maria De Los Ang
Maria Luisa R
Mariana V
Maribel T
Marie P
Marie S
Marines Corp, Navy And Army
Mario P
Maritza Z
Mark Anthony F
Mark V
Martel Family
Martina S
Mary C
Mary Elizabeth
Mary H
Maryann im
Maureen Suzette S

Maurice S
Maybel M
Meanne V
Meghan D
MFran C
Michael B
Michael K
Michael R
Michael Z
Michele M
Michele M
Michelle J
Mona G
Monique D
Morgan G
Mrs T
Nancy Cap
Nancy G
Nick V, Ellie V, Jeanne N, Barbara N, Susan N, David N
Nikolaus D
P Martin and family
P Mercier
Pam P
Pam’s mother
Parveen D
Pat S
Paul M
Perry Lee J
Phil J
Philip R
Phillip H
Platoon 3014 Marines Corp boot camp
Pray for the world and all for Military for all to be cover with the blood of Jesus. Rebuke all thoughts of a world war 3. Pray for peace and unity
Raquel P
Raymond K
Richard M
Richard M
Richard R
Richard T & all of his clients past present and future
Rick PR
River Lennox P
Robert Adrian S
Rochelle R
Romualdo II V
Romualdo V
Ron G
Rosa L
Rosalie C
Ross B
Rowena B
Rowena B
Ruth C
Ruth Williams H
Samantha,Alex,Andre,Isaiah Del Los Santos
Santos N
Sara B
Sara F
Sara F & all of her clients past present and future
SaraJane H
Sean Patrick M
Sister M
Smyrna Silvia D
Sonja T
Stanley D
Stanley J
Stanley J
Steven L
Sue B
Susan B
Susan L
Suzanne R
Teresa K
Thomas A
Thomas D
Thomas J
Thomas M
Thomas M & all of his clients past present & future
Tom V
Travis L
Twyla M
Victoria J
Victoria J & SI
Wade T
Wendy S
William R
Wladimir C
Yolanda Marie Gallo Falcon
Zachary D

Updated 1/31/20