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Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

The persons who are named here are either cancer patients or their caregivers. We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Names (first name and last initial) are listed under the month received and will appear for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

January 2021

Abby C
Adelaida R
Adrian Ricardo S
Agustin O
Aida C
Aidan C
Alberta K who has the Coronavirus
All Residents of Providence Green Apartments In WWVA
All The Residents Of Paradise Mobile Home Park New Bloomfield Pa
All those Christmas Cards Were Sent to by our Family – Special Prayers for Mario, Lorenzo, Ben, and Bennie – died from COVID, Swine Flu, and Health Conditions
Altagracia L
Altagracia L
Amelia L
Amy D
Amy H W
Andrea W
Angela P
Angela P
AngelMarie, Lewis, & Jack K
Annie R
Annie R
Anthony T
Armando F
Ashtun T
Austin F
Autumn C
Ava M
Barb R
Belinda D
Belle S
Beth C
Bill E
Bill S
Billy C
Brian D
Butch D
Capriotti Families
Carlitos A
Carlos & Juanatas Family
Carlos & Juanatas Family
Cassie T
Chairmane A
Chris A
Chris J
Christi W and families
Cindi S
Clorinda R
Colleen C
Connie D
Cora S
Cynthia C
Cynthia C
D Bayless
Dan B
Danielle H
Dave T
David A
Deacon Dale F
Deb H
Debbie C
Denis D
Denise C
Denise S
Dennis M
Devynn A
Diane B
Diane B
Diane B
Diane C
Diane L
Div G
Diva G
Donna D
Doris and Nick
Dorothy B
Dorothy K
Doug S
Douglas S
e kong
e kong
Ed B
Edelma N
Elaine M
Ellen F
Ellie V
Elpidio Jr V
Emilia R
Eric P and families
Erin C
Erin M and family
Estelita D
F yuntshin
F yuntshin
F Yuntshin
F.yuntshin. j.khiong.e.kong
Fe G S
Fielito L
Fouad S
Frank J
Freddie V
Gabriel V J
Gabriela C
Gal C
Gerald M

Geraldine N
Gerardo S
Gerardo S
Herbert B
Houston D
Houston D
Hylene D
j khiong
j khiong
J khiong e kong
Jack C
Jack Cap
Jacqueline D
Jacqueline D
Jade E
Jame M
James C
Jane S
Janet C
Janet Marie Shawley Kibe & Twins
Janet S
Jay S
Jaylene D
Jeanne D
Jeanne N
Jeannette N
Jedd Raiven C
Jedd Raiven C
Jeff M
Jennifer & Fred N
Jennifer & Fred N
Jerry W
Jessica D
Jill C
Jim W
Joan C
Joan S
Joan W
Joe B
John D
John F
John J
John L
John S
John T
Jonathan M
Joni C
Joseph F
Joseph H
Joseph Z
Julio M
Justin C
Justin C
Justin S
K Joy B
Karen W
Kate S
Kathy & Dick M
Kathy & Dick M
Kathy F
Kathy W
Katie H
KelliAnn S
Kelly C
Kelly J
Kelly T
Kerri R
Kirk S
Lain F
Laralyn M
Laurette P
Lawyers in Hong Kong Courst Success
Lawyers of Hong Kong Success
Len R
Lillian Maureen S
Linda F
Linda J
Linda N
Linda V
Linda Z
Lisa C
Lisa M
Lito V
Liwayway DG
Lody V
Loretta R
Louw & Taimi , to pls get settle, lord unity us, remove all evil blockcages
M Scardina
Mac F
Mac F
Maeann V
Maliq T
Marc D
Margaret D
Maria P
Maria S
MariaEugenia G
MariaEugenia G
MariaEugenia G
Marie G
Marife Y
Marimae W
Mario B
Mario B
Matthew G
Matthew G
Maureen Suzette choy S
Melissa S
Melody C
Merril C

Michael B
Michelangelo C
Min F
Monica K
Monica K
Mother Felina C
Mr S
Mrs John R
Nancy Cap
Navkiran D
Nick V
Nick V
Nikolaus D
Nina WB and families
Noeleen M
Noeleen M
Noeleen M
Noeleen M
Noemi V
Norma J
Oliver G
Pat S
Patricia P
Patrick M
Paula V
Pedro Alberto G
Peter D
Peter H
Peter H
Peter K
Phil I
Priscilla U
Purificacion J
Purificacion J
R Dohm
R Dohm
Racquel S
Ramon M
Raquel P
Raymond M
Rena D
Renee O
Rey Francis A
Richard N
Richard T
Rigoberto G
Rigoberto G
Robert Adrian S
Robert G
Robert K
Rochelle D
Rochelle R
Romualdo V
Rosa S
Rose & Manny H
Roselle Anne C
Roselle Anne C
Rossana A
Rowena B
Rowena L
Rush L
Ryan S
Sabrina G
Sam T Canada Vancouver
Sam Tien Vancouver Stop smoke
Samatha K
Sarah B
Seeta U
Sharon A
Sharon Y
Sherri M
Shirley T
Silvano C
Sofia D
Sophia M
Sophia T
Steve F
Steven M
Sue H
Sugey M
Susan T
Suzanne S
Suzanne S
Taks L
Tamborino Family
Tara B
Teresa B
Teresa L
The Kibe Family Travels & Homes Of New Bloomfield pa
The Kibe Twins Jeffrey & Evoda & home
The World Of Troubles and Heaven Too
Thelma, Phillip, Richard, and Michael
Tintin L
Toby S
Tom A
Tony G
Valentin Jr L
Valentin lll L
Victoria J
Victoria J
Victoria M
Wayne S
Wheeler Family
Winn B’s dad
Zabrina L
Zachary D

Updated 1/31/21