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Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

The persons who are named here are either cancer patients or their caregivers. We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Names (first name and last initial) are listed under the month received and will appear for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

October 2019

Abby Cap
Adrian Ricardo S
Al L
Albert G
Albert G
Alice B
All OF Fabios Lanzonis Friends
All of The Animals of all lifes values evn ghost ones
All of the Enimies Of Evoda Marie Kibe even ghost
All of whom I forgot or Do not know
Allie C
Angela C
Angela P
Anissa F
Annis P
Annmarie D
Antoinette S
Archangel Arizeil & Family
Archie P
Arianna L
Aubrey C & Jean C
B Sheridan
Baby Howe
Baby Howe
Baby Leona & Drs.
Barbara H
Barbara R
Becky B
Bernie Drosos
Bethy & unborn child
Betty Ann Z
Betty G And Horace G
Beverly B-F
Beverly L
Bill S
Brad B
Brian G
Brittney C
Capriotti Families
Carissa S & Christopher S
Carol A
Carol B
Carole D
Cathie C
Cheryl Z
Christine G
Claire R and Ravi R
Clara G
Clorinda R
Colleen C
crystal s and Jeff A meagan I angela
Cynthia B
Danny K
Dave L
Dave M. all of his children and SI
David P
David S
Debbie DV
Denise S
Dennis F
Devanie D
Doc R
Dog The Bounty Hunter& Family and Friends
Domenica D
Don W
Doreen D
Dorothy F
Eric T
Erin C
Evan S
Everyone At Discovering The Jewsih Jesus And Walks of Faiths
Everyone At WWE
Evoda & Jeffrey The Kibe Twins & homes old & New
Florence C
For The Conversion of America
Frank L
Gabriella L
Gardy A
Gary P
Gina F
Glenn/Erin and John
Gloria F
Guy Del

Harper Ann H
Harry S
Hector A
Hector Alvarez
Helen R
Helen S
Isabella L
Jack Cap
Jack M
Janet M
Janet Marie Kibe & Family
Janis N & Romeo N
Jared B
Jeanette G
Jen D
Jenn L
Jennie C
Jenny C
Jenny Cogdon
Jenny K., Rob N., Jeanne N., Nick V., Ellie V., Rob N., Rick N., Rick Jr. N.
Jevon I
Jim S
JoAnn B
Joe G
Joe jr Z
Joe M
John B
John L
JonsieJ PerfectSale?home
Joseph C
Joseph D
joseph J
Joseph L
Joseph M
Juan D
Kaitlin L
Karen H
Karen Sch
Kate C
Kathleen M
Kathryn L
Kathy C
Kathy F
Kathy F
Kathy F
Kathy OM
Katrina S
Kennedy P T
Kim B
Kristen M
Kristen S
Kristine D
Landry, E
Landry, E
Laura H
Leah B.
Lee D
Liam Allen H & Family
Lillian Maureen S
Lillie A
Linda A
Linda Allen
Linda V
LIsa N
Lisa Ramos
Lisa Ramos
Louie C. Richard C. Kathy C. Devanie D.
Louis P
Louise R
Lucifer& All His People for being sick
Luke M
Maria K
Maria Luz L
Maria R
Marilyn I
Marilyn Manson & family & Friends
Mark B
Martyann p
Mary Ellen K
Mary L
Mary Lucy
Maureen S
Maureen Suzette S
Melanie F
Melissa Victor
Michael A
Michael S
Michelle C
Mr H
NaDene M
Nancy Cap
Nancy G
Nancy S
Nick V, Ellie V, Jeanne N
Nikolaus D
Norman William Kibe & Family for truth and all rest good in his life

Oliver D
Our ther Family and Angels for all their powers to grow stronger and tears to dry
Pamela M
Patricia S
Patty B
Patty B
Paul C & Nazima K
Paul S
Pauline D
Peggy C
Peter C
Philip A
Philip R
Queen Elizabeth of England & Family & friends
Renee D
Richard C
Richard R
Richard,Linda N
Rick M
Rick P
Robert A
Robert Adrian S
Robert M
Robin C
Rochelle R
Romualdo Jose V
Romualdo V
Rosa V
Rose L
Ross B
Rowena B
Roxanne C.
Ruth H
Sarah D
Sarah M & Pat R
Sidney P
Sofia H
Sonya E
St Michaels
Stephen S
Steve G
Sue H
Susan H
Susan L
T C Shieh
TETVUN Yuntshin khiong kong
the Carpi family of the world
The Foor Family & friends And Wolfs
the Henderson Family and ALL of my other neighbors
The Lanzoni Family of America
The Lanzoni Family of Italy
The Manceiss Family
The Mateer Family & Friends
The Missionary Oblates Lady Of The Snow
The Mutzabaugh Family Workers, and Friends
The Shawley Family & friends
The State Of California
The Stonebridege Nursing Home In Duncannon Pa 17020
The Tarter Family & Friends
The Tolbert family & friends
The Trump Family& workers to friends
The woman wearing a “cancer headscarf” at the grocery store on 9 October
The World of sin and tears
Theresa A
Theresa P-S
Thomas D
Thomas L
Tina F
Tom C
Tom F
Tom S
Tom S
Trek M
United States Of America
Velna C
Vernon B
Veronica I
Victoria J
Virginia F
VLJ & all of V’s family friends FHLSJ & FCS and all of the Poors in WV & USA.
W Joseph F
Walter D
Walter K
Wilbur family
William L
Yolanda Marie Gallo F
Yolanda Marie Gallo Falcon
Zane Z

Updated 10/31/19