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Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

The persons who are named here are either cancer patients or their caregivers. We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Names (first name and last initial) are listed under the month received and will appear for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

April 2021

March >>

Abby Cap
Adoracion V
Adrian Ricardo S
Alan Ricardo,Jessica,Theo & Miguel S
Alejandra B
Alexis A
Alice M
Allen D
Amy I
Ana G
Andrea O
Angela P
Angela P
Annmarie D
Antalan – Juanatas Family
Ashtun Thomas & Jamie B
Aubrey Ricardo C
Bernadette M
Bill S
Bill S
Brad B
Brenne L
Brian chan and brother
Brian D
Busano – Juanatas Family
Capriotti Families
Carlos – Juanatas Family
Carol Ann W
Carol D
Chandra & Milon MoonSammy
Charles A
Cherie C
Chris J
Christine Breten and Family
Clara R
Daniel N
David C and Lilly, wife
David S
Denise S
Dick M
Div G
Donald C and Sister in law and all
Donna D
Edison A
Elaine H
Elizabeth C
Elvira Ruiz & Family
Erika B
F Yuntshin
Faith S
Francis M
George C
Glenn M
Grace N

Hayden B
Jack Cap
Janis, Romeo Naraine & Family
Javier ( JJ )
Jean C
Jean C
Jedd Raiven C
Jerry, Eden,Malchai & Andrew MoonSammy
Jillian C
John D
John L
John S Jr
Jose L
Joseph M
Juanatas – Castrojeres Family
Juanatas – Magpantay Family
Juanatas – Razon Family
Judith S
Judy V
Julie A
Justin C
Justin P
Justin S
Kaitlyn C
Karen B
Kathleen N
Kathy M
Kelly G
Kevin S
Kristina R
L Dunaway
Lan N
Laura E
Laura N
Lawralee L
Lee D
Lillian Maureen S
LoAn N
Loida M
Lorraine E
Lorraine E
Lorraine G
Lou D
Lynda L
Maeanne V
Marciela R
Margaret D
Maritza D
Mark B
Marlene T
Marleny and Daniel G
Mary Carol D
MaryAnn B
MaryJo S

Maureen Suzette Chou S
Melissa S
Merin J
Michelle S on a vent please pray
Milon and Chandra M
Nancy Cap
Nazima K & Steve M
Nicole S
Nikolaus D
Noelle, Claire,Shelby & Brian K
Oliver C
Pam H
Pat S
Patty W
Paul C
Pete Q
Peters – Lacanilao Family
Prayers for all our United States Marines kids being deployed
Purificacion J
Raquel P
Raymon Gabriel M
Rhodora A
Robert Adrian S
Robert B
Robert L
Romualdo Jose V
Romualdo V
Rosalie S
Rose T
Roselle Anne C
Rosemary K
Ross B
Samantha W & Brendan F
Santiano – Juanatas Family
Sarah,Antonio,Autumn,Aidan C
Sebastian C
Sharon A
Simon chan and Wendy wife
Sophia A
Spencer S
Stephen G
Stephen G
Stephen S
Stephen W
Susan P
Suzanne K
Tana D
Thomas D
Tom A
United States Marines
Zachary D

Updated 4/21/2021