Healing and Hope Prayer Chain

The persons who are named here are either cancer patients or their caregivers. We ask that you remember them in your prayers.

Names (first name and last initial) are listed under the month received and will appear for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is ill.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

October 2018

A & K Carlson
Abby Cap
Adrian Ricardo S
Albert G
Albert V
All Cancer Patients
Amber T
Andrew C
Anna Moira L
Annie B
Annie N
Anthony G
Baby Riley
Bob S
Brandy H
Brian Z
Bridget Lee W
Capriotti Families
Cathy H
Cheryl carries
Christine P
Cinthia Ceja
Claude M
Cleotilde M
Colleen S
Cyndie J
D Marin
Daniel F
Darlene S
David O
DeAnna E
Debbie S
Deborah C
Debra DE
Dennis S
Diana T
Diane B
Don Boeshart and family
Don J
E Ewin
Elmond S
Emil Cici
Evan S
Evan S
Fr Dick B

Frank & Loring P
Frank B
Frank P
Greg K
Harry L
Hilda R M
J & S Robertson
Jack cap
Jack K
Janet Marei Kibe and family
Janis & Romeo S
Jenny & Miguel
Joanne K
Jodee K
Joe D
John B
John D
José Imos
Joseph S
Julio C
Karen Sch
Karen W
Kevin D
Kevin M
Kim Lou Nich Louis R
KristyAnne J
Laura E
Laura J
Laura N
LaVon R
Lea C
Lee M
Lillian Maureen S
Lincoln L
Linda B
Linda F
Lisa S
Liz J
Liz J
Lorraine E
Lorraine G
Lucita M
Lucy M
Marce L
Marcella E

Margaret B
Margaret M Brockton, MA
Maria Sandoval
Mark B
Mark J
Mark S F
Matthew D
Maureen Suzette Choy S
Maurice C
Michael F
Michael M
Michele H
Mike B
Mr T
Nancy Cap
Nancy F
Pat Ma
Peter L
Peter L Norton MA
Phil c
Phil R
R & D Patterson
Raymond Michael B S
Raymond Michael B S
Ricardo C
Richard Doc
Rick P
Rick P
Rick P
Riselis M
Robert Adrian S
Robert L K Rockland, MA
Robin C
Rochelle R
Shanel W
Sharene C
Stephen E
Susan H
Theresa F
Thomas Smutek Jr
Tina B
Toilette P
Tom A
Tony M
Wayne M
Yamilee D
Zachary M

Updated 10/19/18