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Sympathy Prayer Chain

Sympathy Prayer Chain

The persons named here are in need of prayer as they pass from this life to the next.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Sympathy Prayer Chain for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is deceased.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

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February 2019

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Alap Atul Butala
Alice G
Alice P
Alice S
Alma S
Amparision V
Anthony G
Antonio C
Arturo E
Asuncion Santos C
Aurora M
Barbara V
Bernard S
Betty N
Beverly G
Bill G
Bill P
Blain K
Br. Bill J
Carlos L
Carrie A
Chris B
Cindy L
Consepcio B
Daniel R
Darrell M
David Cap
Debbie R
Denise B
Diane H
Don A
Don B
Donald G
Donald G
Edward R
Enrique A
Erlinda R
Estela E A
Fabio Lanzoni and Family
Federico R
Felipe G
Frederick B
Free F
George B
Gerald M
Glenn W
Gresefo M
Hector M
Howard M
Ida C
Inez S
Inez S
Irene M
Irma H
Irma R
Janet Marie Shawley Kibe and Family
Jean K
Jeanne Q
Jemel R
Jesus G
Jim S
Joan R
Joe J
John T
Jose S
Jose S
Joseph C
Joseph D
Joseph D
Julia F
Karl B
Kathleen B
Larry B
Larry B
Lillian M
M/Ms Stan Z
Margaret C
Maria R
Marian F
Marilyn S
Mark H
Mary Jane M
Maureen F
Meaghan M
Miachael H
Miachael H
Micaela S
Michael W
Mike V (Jr)
Mike V (Jr)
Monty T
Natalie C
Oscar G
Our Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father and Family
Pet R
Pierce C
Pierce C
Prudencia D
Richard V
Ricky G
Rita S
Rodolfo U
Ronald G
Rose G
Rosie C
Rosie C
Ruben O
Ruby C
Russell M
Sharon C
Sharon C
Sheila R
Socorro P
Socorro P
Socorro, O
Sonya Family
Sr Carmel S
Stella S
Stephen M
Steve N
Susan C
Susan C
Sutherland family
TETVUN and b
Wally Clayton C
Wilkerson Family
Wilkerson Family
William D
William S

Updated 2/28/19