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Sympathy Prayer Chain

Sympathy Prayer Chain

The persons named here are in need of prayer as they pass from this life to the next.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Sympathy Prayer Chain for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is deceased.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

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February 2020

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Adam W
Albert G
Albert G
Alice G
Alice S
Alicia D
All Aborted Babies
All Homeless and Low Pay in Canada
All Wars Holocaust
All Wars Holocaust
All Wars Holocaust and Conovirius China
Alphonse M
Ancelmo P
Anita G
Ann K
Anne G
Anthony G
Anthony G
Asuncián A
Aubrey C
Aurora W
Baby brother 1971 w
Bertha D
Betty J S
Bill B
Billy J J
Bobbie G
Brian G
C Castoban M Canada
C Estoban canada
C Estoban canada
C Estoban Canada Vancouver Park
C Estoban canada vancouver
Carol C
Carol H M
Carrie H
Christoban M Canada
Connie B
Conovirius china and all
Cory C
Daisy G
David B
David Cap
David G
David W R
Dawn H
Deborah “Debbie” O
Donna S
Dorothy F
Dorothy K
Eddie C
Edmundo C
Edwin lin SON HK 90s
Elena S
Elerine B
Elsa C
Etelka M and family
Expedite S
Faske Family
Ferdinand del M
Florence Z
Garland L
Gerald G
Gladyce G
Gregoria D

Harry B
Harry T
Hector M
Henry F
HOLOCAUST SOULS NANKING AND ww2 and to 2000yrsbattle
Ida C
Inez S
Irma V
J Patton
J TetVun
J TetVun
J TetVun
J TetVun
J TetVun John ng wife Margaret ng ? A d Wong Tong 1971 to ?
J Tetvun V
James D
Jeanette B
Jeanne L
Jeffrey S
Joe G
Joe G
John C
John D and Wife Margaret D 1990S
John Ng mother
John Ng mother
John Ng mother
John Ng mother and wife and wong tong canada 2000
John NG Wife Margaret
John NG Wife Margaret NG and Mother
John S
Julie and Richard
Julie Kerry frinds and family
Kathy V
KB and G B
Kelley C
Kenneth K and family
Kim H
Kyle G
L wen china
LaAnna D
Li Wen Liang
Li Wen Liang china
Li Wen Liang China
Linda C
Lolieta M
Loretta P
Lorraine C
Louetta Ann B
M/Ms Jose S
Margaret NG Wife of John NG brunei country
Margaret C
Margaret NG John NG Wife And Wong Tong And Fransis Parents And Ewin Lin Son 1984
Marianne W
Mario P
Mark G
Marta L

Martel Family
Mary Ann C
Mary Ann C
Mary D
Mary M
Marybeth E
Marybeth E
Maureen T
Michael C
Michael J S
Michael R
Mike N
Mike V Jr
Mrs T
Mrs. Patricia L
Nanking and
Odell W
Oscar G
Pat M
Patricia G
Patricia L
Paul P
Pauline Z
Peter B
Peter C
Phillip P
Pierino T
Ralph F
Rebecca S
Richard S
Ricky G
Rita L
River Lennox P
Rose B
Rose Clara B
Rose G
Rose G
RoseMarie J
RoseMarie J
Rosie C
Rowena G
Ruby G
Russel M
Salvatore O
Samuel H
Serafino T
Sister Legion of Mary Vancouver 1997 98
Socorro P
Sue K
Sylvia C
Tammy M
Therese L
Tom M
Tony Mu
V J Vancouver 1971 TO ? and wife India
Virginia A
Warren J
Wayne A
William B
William C
Wong T Vancouver Canada 1971 to 2000
Wong tong
Wong tong 2000 canada
Wong tong 2000 canada
WW2 Middle East Nanking Holocaust and Vietnam
Yolanda M F

Updated 2/28/20