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Sympathy Prayer Chain

The persons named here are in need of prayer as they pass from this life to the next.

Names (first name and last initial only) are listed by month and will appear on the Sympathy Prayer Chain for one year. Submit the name of a loved one who is deceased.

Please allow until the next business day for the name you submit to appear on the prayer chain.

August 2021

July >>

Anita C
Anthony V
Arlene B
Art M
Baby Boy C
Carlos & Juanatas Family

Carmen B
Jacqueline M
Jedd Raiven C
Justin C
Michael F
Purificacion J

Ronald S
Rosalie S
Roselle Anne C
The World
Tony Roy W

Updated 8/2/2021

July 2021

June >>

Al Covid19 in World and Recovery Now
Al D
All in vancouver Canada, Heatwave 300 souls
All Covid Person This World Confirm/Or
All Covid Person This World and others countries SOULS
All Crime Person Spain and All in World Need Forgivness
All Family Gone Before US, Z,B,M
All Flood Souls in and Europe
All Souls WWI 1 and Middleeastern to Latest War
All Tienaman Square China 1989
Allene C
Angelo R
Ann H
Antonio S
Baby Boy C
Barbara P
Betty S
Betty S
Billie MS
Bob A
Canada Fire
Carlos & Juanatas Family
China Flood and All the SOULS departed
China Flood and All the SOULS departed
China Flood SOUL of depart
Christine K
Christopher P
Clifford A
Collin V
David Cap

Denise C
Doc R
Don B
Donald M
Donald M
Eric S
Eric S
Ernie C
Fermin D
Germaine B
Greg O
Helen B
Hong kong and China
Hong kong and Hati president and all Protest
Hong Kong China
Intentions for all spain and world problems
Jan M
Janet H
Janice S
Javier N
Jean C
Jedd Raiven C
Jerel Joseph B
Jimmy S
Jimmy W
John Ng mother
Joshua Allen M
Justin C
Justin G
Kellie S
Lester P
Loretta V
Lorna T

M/Ms Gonzalo F
Maria P
Mary G
Mary-Alice T
Mercedes P
Mr. McLaughlin
Nancy M
Penning, Gloria
Philip R
Purificacion J
Ramon V
Ramon V(III)
Rashad Lee Ordway RLO
Reynaldo I
Reynaldo I
Richard V
Rick P
Rita M S
Roberto S
Rosalie S
Rosario F
Roselie & Charlene Z
Roselle Anne C
Roy B
Ruperto F
Ryan B
Sandy & John B
Shirley B
Sonnie M
Souls of all War and
Stan J
Theresa B
Veronica P
Vicente F
William O

Updated 7/29/2021

June 2021

May >>

Adel M
Alberto “Bong” B
Alex W A
All in Hong Kong
Amy Mc H
Anita P
Ann T
Anoymous x3
Antonio R
Armida A
Baby Boy C
Benigno (PNOY), S-A
Benigno Simeon (PNOY), C-A III
Benjamin A
Bernadine G
Bonnie W
Bud, Ellen, Elaine, Joe, Ruth, & Family M
Carlos & Juanatas Family
Carlos R
Cheryl D
Cheryl D
Chris W
Crispin T
David Cap
Doris T
Dorothy B
Edith H
Editha V

Fathers Days Canada
Faye S
Fiorence S
For all people in the world
Frannie P
George J
George R
Holocaust and grnercide in world souls
Hongkong and Tienaman
Ida M
Igor Fernando G
Iris and Claude
J tetvun Fathers Day all +
Jedd Raiven C
Jerel JB
Jim Sestili
Jimmy W
Joan A
Joe C
Joe, Alison, Ginger, Dan, & all family W
Joey M
John M spain
John NG Wife – Margaret NG Brunei Country
Jose A
Jose B S
Juner R
Justin C
Kathy F

Kay ‘Nana’ P
Kimberly L
Lester H
Linda & Family M
Lionel P
Lorraine C
Man In Spain help his Soul taxavation
Maria Munoz, B
Martin P
Mary Ann N
Michael E
Michael K
Michael M
Monique R
Norma P
Purificacion J
Ramon S
Ricardo M
Ricardo S
Robert T
Rosalie C
Rosalie S
Roselle Anne C
Rosemary W
Spain British lady and husband
Teresa G
Tetvun J
Tienaman 1989 Souls
Virginia, C-G

Updated 6/30/2021

May 2021

Akom P actor
Alex A
Alfredo G
Alice B
Alice B
Baby Carlos #2
Carlos & Juanatas Family
Casiano R
Chapndah M
Char Z
Char Z
Cliff N
Cynthia R
David Cap
Diann S
Doc R
Doc R
Don S
Donna W
Dudley M
Eduardo A
Esperanza V
Father Joe C
Father Trini F
Frank G
George BW S
Halina K

Henryk S
Herman S
Janet A
Javier M
Jeanette Claire S
Jedd Raiven C
Jim N
Jim S
Jimmy W
Jonardo A
Jose Luis R
Jose S
Joseph N
Josephine Mary D
Julian E
Julio B
Justin C
Kelvin M
Larry O
Leah W
Lina S
Luis F
Marie P
Marie P
Michael F
Michael J
Miss Froso A
Our baby brother asia 1970s

Patricia R
Pedro R
Philip R
Philip R
Purificacion J
Rachel B
Ramona LP
Rebecca M
Rey S
Richard Lee P
Rick P
Rick PR
Robert A
Robert T
Robin W
Rosalie S
Roselle Anne C
Roy B
Ryan S
Salud U
Salvacion T
Sonny B
Teofilo D
the world of troulbed lifes and air
Tito A
Trini R
Willie K

Updated 5/28/2021

April 2021

Albert G
Alice G
Alice S
Anne G
Antalan – Juanatas Family
Anthony G
Barbara H
Barbara S
Bill B
Brenda J
Busano – Juanatas Family
Carlos – Juanatas Family
Carol O
Casiano R
Cesira M
Christine K
Daniel M
Dansun chow parents
Dansun chow parents
David Cap
David Cap
Donna V
Dorothy L
Esperanza V
Francisco M
Gerry S
Gladys M
Glenn E H
Guillermina M
Henry S

J TetVun
James Sest
Jeannine B
Jedd Raiven C
Jerel B
Jim H
Jim S
Jimmy W
John & Patricia P
Jose A
Joseph B
Juanatas – Castrojeres Family
Juanatas – Magpantay Family
Juanatas – Razon Family
Julio B
Justin C
Kaitlyn C
Keeley O
Keyairia I
Lemire family
Leota B
Lina S
Lizszie G
Lizzie G
Lucita Sunny A
Luis F
Margarita F
Marianne S
Marjorie W
Martin M
Mary L

Meme L
Merin J
Mick G
Our baby brother 1971 asia
Our brothers sisters good ones
Patricia A G
Peter T
Peter A
Peters – Lacanilao Family
Purificacion J
R Svacek
Ricardo D
Richard H
Robert M
Rosalie S
Rose G
Roselle Anne C
Rosie S
Russell D
Salvacion T
Santiano – Juanatas Family
Sister Barbara M
Steve S
Teodora B
The Marcoccia Family
Timothy A H
Tito A
Viola D
Wanda L 1995
William (Bill) W
Yap Family

Updated 4/30/2021