Latest News from Ukraine

Here is the most recent information we have received in regart to the war in Ukraine.  Please keep the Oblates and the people they serve in your prayers. 

Living through the Ukraine war

Father Pavlo Vyshkokyy, O.M.I. shares his expierience in Ukraine with EWTN.   

Oblates in Ukraine shelter people in their homes

One of the places most affected by the war has been precisely the city of Chernihiv, where we have an Oblate house. Located on the border with Russia and Belarus, the city of Chernihiv has been overrun by enemy forces since the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Federation. On March 1, it has also begun to be bombarded with “Grad” rockets and, apparently, Russian troops have been joined by Belarusians.

Father Piotr Wróblewski O.M.I. noted that the first bombardments ended around noon: “So far, everything is going well. We have everything, including internet and coffee. Tonight, has been a quiet night, everyone slept well. We hope that the day will also be peaceful” the missionary wrote this morning.

In the cellars of the Oblate house, daily life continues, despite the danger heard above.

Since the beginning of the invasion, the crypt of the church has served as an anti-aircraft shelter, where about 40 people, sometimes more, come to spend the night. In addition, another 20-30 people live permanently in the basement of the Oblate house, to protect themselves from the constant bombing. They are mainly young mothers with children, who are looking for a safe place for their children and to be able to help each other, given that there are now problems with the supply of food and other essential items, so there are long queues.

Oblates taking risks in Belarus

From Fr. Andrzej Juchniewicz O.M.I., Superior of Oblate Mission in Belarusvia:

“While writing these words, I risk prosecution before the Belarusian court, but I would like this objection to be heard publicly.”

“…ashes on our heads, at this point in history, for many Belarusians, this gesture is not only symbolic, but expresses an inner state: an experience of deep shame and depression. Because from our country, from our land, there are war attacks by Russians, provocations and the holocaust of the Ukrainian nation.”

“On my behalf and on behalf of all Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate who serve in Belarus, I would like to express our deepest solidarity and spiritual support to our confreres in Ukraine and to the entire Ukrainian nation.”

“…we have decided to pray together with our parishioners every day for the conversion of Russia and Belarus and for an immediate end to the war in Ukraine. Today in the parish in Szumilin there is a 24-hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for this intention.”

Staying with the people

Scholastic in UkraineScholastic (in formation to the priesthood) Brother Nobert Jablko, O.M.I. is currently on the pastoral internship in Ukraine. He had an opportunity to return to Poland, but decided to stay… Why?

“Hmm… I don’t want to use too pathetic language, but I stayed with people. I know that I cannot help here sacramentally, but I can at least be present. Oblates do not run away!”

First from the left on the photo


Polish Oblates helping Ukrainian refugees

Zahutyń: A monastery that has become a refugee aid warehouse

Zahutyń: A monastery that has become a refugee aid warehouse
The Provincial of the Polish Province went to the Polish-Ukrainian border.

On Thursday evening Fr. Provincial Paweł Zając O.M.I. and Provincial Economer Józef Czernecki O.M.I. reached the community in Zahutyń near Sanok – it is an Oblate institution in the Przemyśl archdiocese, located on the closest border with Ukraine. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the realities of support for refugees in this place and to find out about further possibilities of pastoral and humanitarian involvement.

The monastery in Zahutyń has become an aid warehouse.

In the evening, the provincial priest met a group of parishioners who regularly sort all kinds of gifts in the Oblate monastery and then transport them to aid centers closer to the border. It is a well-coordinated action. Demand is changing, so be sure to check what is needed before you accumulate gifts spontaneously. At present, for example, the most needed are dressing materials, painkillers, basic medications. Still, before you start gathering anything, it’s always a good idea to contact your local parish (see the parish priest below.)

Still needed gifts

Therefore, it is still possible to provide general material assistance to the inhabitants of Ukraine in the following way: contact with the parish priest of the Oblate parish in Zahutyń, Father Karol Bucholec O.M.I., personal delivery of the necessary materials to the Oblate monastery, from where they will be transferred to official distribution centers, operating within state administration structures. This facilitates the transfer of gifts abroad and ensures that they will reach those in need.

The Oblate charism lives today

From the Oblates in Poland 

We share with you a touching video with some images of the Oblates in Ukraine. They have opened their houses for the fleeing refugees.

As Oblates, let us show our solidarity with the people of and especially with the Oblates (who are around 40 in number), with our prayers.

The Oblate do not leave their houses

Fr. Vitalij Podolan OMIFrom Fr. Vitalij Podolan OMI, Superior of Oblate Delegation in Ukraine

“Over the past few days it has been necessary to hide many times from bombings, but the Oblates do not leave their houses and parishes, but stay in them, to accompany people, support them morally, spiritually and materially, and often allow them to shelter in the basements of our churches and houses.”

“In various circumstances of our everyday life, also during the celebration of the Eucharist, we hear sirens announcing possible bombing or flights of military planes, which is the cause of increased fear. The risk related to vigilance at their places of service is very high.”

“All the more, we express our sincere gratitude to everyone for every form of support, especially for intercession before the Lord. We believe that God can work a miracle and give us peace.”


Send your prayers today to be included in Mass at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows.

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