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Care for Elder and Infirmed Oblates

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After spending years battling poverty and injustice, Missionary Oblate priests and brothers eventually reach a stage so many face: poor health or the inability to continue in full-time ministry. Today there are more than 100 Oblates in the United States over the age of 75.

While some elderly Oblates minister at mission sites, others require special care or attention, joining one of the U.S. Oblate communities where they live with their brothers. Though no longer able to physically be with the people they have served over the years, they are with them in prayer through their religious community.

Having lived lives of poverty and mission, the elderly and infirm Oblates simply do not have the means to cover the expenses of their care. They rely on the generosity of benefactors to cover the difference so that they can be as active members of the Oblate family as possible during their final years.

  • $600 can provide transportation needs for one year.
  • $1,200 can cover prescriptions not paid by insurance for one year.
  • $2,400 can cover the cost of supplemental medical insurance for one year.
  • $3,600 can provide food for one year.
  • $6,000 can provide room and board for one year in an Oblate community such as a parish, shrine or retreat house.
  • $35,000 can provide room and board for one year in an assisted living facility for those Oblates who can no longer care for themselves.

Education Formation

Education and Formation

The education and formation of an Oblate requires a significant investment of both financial and human resources. We rely on the generosity and co-missionary spirit of our benefactors to sustain and grow our formation program – to shape the future of the Oblates together.

Pre-Novitiate Program
The Oblates have two pre-novitiate programs, located in Belleville, IL and Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. Pre-novices experience the Oblate way of life by living in community, following a basic religious rule of life and complete formal college courses to prepare for graduate studies in theology and spirituality. On average 10 to 14 young men are involved in these programs each year.

  • Cost per year, per pre-novice (exclusive of tuition) … $13,000 – $19,000

The novitiate year involves intense spiritual and vocational discernment that prepares a young man to make a commitment to the vowed life and the Oblate Rule. There are usually 3-6 novices at the novitiate in Godfrey, Illinois.

  • Average cost per novice (including room and board and formation programming) … $55,000

The five years of Scholasticate are highly structured to include completion of a Master’s degree in theology, a full academic year of internship, a period of concentrated clinic/pastoral education and final profession of perpetual vows.

  • Annual cost per seminarian (including tuition) … $25,600

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