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Shrine Expands Pilgrimage Services

Fr Elvis

The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows is expanding services for pilgrims who want to take a spiritual journey to deepen their faith. 

Father Elvis Mwamba, O.M.I. has been named Pilgrimage Director at the Shrine.  He is being assisted by Rene Foronda who previously ministered at the Shrine as a Sacristan.

Father David Uribe, O.M.I., Shrine Director, said expanding the pilgrimage department allows visitors to experience the power of the Shrine in a variety of ways, and to bring joy and hope into their lives.

“The Shrine is the perfect place to rest and renew your spirit,” said Fr. David.  “It is also a place where you can deepen your commitment to God.”

Pilgrimages can be tailored in a variety of ways to ensure that each person gets the most out of a visit to the Shrine.  Pilgrimages can be arranged for one day or multiple days, and can be designed for individuals, families or groups.

Before taking part in a Shrine pilgrimage, pilgrims are encouraged to visit the Shrine website, snows.org/pilgrimages where they can fill out a form expressing what they would like to accomplish during their visit.  They will then be contacted by a member of the Shrine staff with suggestions to make their experience as prayerful and inspirational as possible.

Father Elvis noted that pilgrimages can be arranged during special events, such as the Way of Lights Christmas Display or the Annual Healing and Hope Novena.  Pilgrimages can also be made at quieter times when pilgrims can more personally focus on their conversation with God.

To begin planning your pilgrimage to the Shrine, visit either the Shrine website or you can contact Rene Foronda directly at 618-394-6270, RForonda@snows.org.